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You can order rods for your window project using Roto Con Orders app.
Rods arrive cut and punched for your fabrication teams to use.
For projects with 100 identical windows or more.
Covers all sizes and security levels within regular Roto specifications.

Make your aluminium window production more efficient by ordering ready-to-use connecting rods directly from Roto.

This service is available if you are working with Roto AL or Roto AL Designo hardware for tilt and turn or turn-only windows.

The rods are supplied pre-cut to suit the exact sizes and configurations of the windows you specify. They also have pre-punched connecting holes. This means the service covers all windows within regular Roto specifications, from standard configurations up to RC3 security level.

Ordering pre-cut, pre-punched rods creates significant time saving in your window production because your workforce will not have to set up or adjust punching machines, crop rods to size or punch holes in the rods.

Your fabrication teams can take the connecting rods supplied by Roto and insert them directly into the sash profile without any further processing steps.

You can order connecting rods for a specific project along with the hardware via the Roto Con Orders online ordering application. Simply choose the “ready to use connecting rod” option.

The price of the ready-to-use rods is calculated specifically for each order, depending on the exact length of rods and the number of punched holes required. The maximum length of rods is 3000 mm and the minimum order quantity is based on 100 windows.

If you have a need for pre-cut rods in smaller sizes, please talk to your Roto representative to find out what is possible.

The rods are dispatched with an information label and delivery note so your teams can match them to the hardware components for the same project, which are delivered separately. This helps avoid errors and maximises process reliability.

Technical details:
Roto Con must be used as the tool for defining and configuring the windows and for placing the order.

Minimum quantity: 100 drive rods of the same type, or 100 similar windows (in terms of size and type of opening)

Delivery time is approximately 14 working days from receipt of order.

Hole punchings are 10mm diameter as standard (additional punching patterns can be implemented if necessary)

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