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This unique hotel, close to the centre of Amsterdam, contains extensive woodwork supplied by Roto partners Holland Houtwerk, including timber sliding window-doors using the Roto Patio Life system.

The Jakarta hotel is located on Java Island in the Amstel river. The building was designed to be energy neutral and all of the materials used in the building are capable of being reused or recycled.

Floor-to-ceiling glazing

The striking design features much glass, including floor-to-ceiling glazing in the guest rooms. The environmentally friendly image is carried through to a tropical garden, located in the middle of the ground floor area and visible from open corridor balconies on all floors.

Environmentally sustainable

The sliding doors were designed and manufactured by Timmerfabriek Overbeek, a leading manufacturer of wooden façade elements who have previously worked on award-winning passive building projects. As part of the project’s environmental approach, the larch wood for the doors was sourced entirely within Europe in order to keep transportation and carbon footprint to a minimum.

Energy efficient sliding doors

Patio Life was a perfect choice of hardware for the energy-efficient sliding doors on Hotel Jakarta. From the point of view of the hotel guests, the doors are tall and let in plenty of light. They are really easy to operate and the low threshold across the opening makes them very safe and accessible.

From the hotel’s viewpoint, the doors are a very important part of the overall energy efficiency of the building. The Patio Life system provides firm, unbroken weather sealing right around the door, which helps the units able to achieve such impressive U-values

We would like to thank Timmerfabriek Overbeek and Holland Houtwerk for their professional work on this project.

Performance figures and data:

Passive Sliding door with Roto Patio Life system

  • U-value 0.8 W / m2.K (size 3.5 x 2.45 m.)
  • Airtightness 650 Pascal class A4.
  • Suitable for buildings with Qv10 = 0.15.
  • Burglary resistant resistance class 2 NEN 5096.
  • Equipped with 3-fold safety glass
  • Double air sealing
  • Threshold with protective cover 20 mm off floor
  • Easy operation
  • KOMO accredited with Product Certificate.
  • 10 year warranty

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