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The brand new edition of our worldwide company magazine is out. This issue has a strong focus on Roto expertise.
Discover how various teams within the Roto group are staying at the forefront of the industry both commercially and technically.

Read about:

  • Roto City – the new digital consulting concept for the aluminium sector.
  • Weatherseals – DEVENTER managing director Mike Piqeur on how to be sure your gasket is providing the correct Uw values.
  • Purchasing – Harald Böhm, head of strategic procurement on Roto’s methodical approach to supplier selection.

In a new interview, Marcus Sander, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Roto Frank Window & Door Technology, talks about digitalisation and other plans for 2021.

The issue also contains details of product developments and customer stories from around the world, including Poland, Canada and Russia, and a focus on Spain.

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