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  • Make Tilt&Slide and Parallel Sliding units with the same overall system.
  • Minimal complexity and common Roto components help your logistics.
  • Many selling points and a range of options for your customers.

If you are a fabricator –– using timber, aluminium or PVC –– who mainly makes windows but also gets orders for sliding units on some contracts, it is worth taking a look at the benefits of setting yourself up to use Roto Patio Alversa. It can potentially cover a very large proportion of the sliding window/door enquiries you receive.

Logistics advantages

This Alversa system is designed to provide you with a good range of customer options while keeping the number and variety of parts required to an absolute minimum, saving you time and money in both administration and logistics. With Patio Alversa you can make both Tilt&Slide and Parallel Sliding units and cover sash heights up to 2700 mm.

Sell at price points

As well as the Tilt&Slide configuration, there are three grades of parallel slider you can make. These options mean you can offer customers varying levels of functionality at different price points.

One is a basic parallel slider, although you can optionally provide a night ventilation option to this version. Other parallel configurations have a tilt ventilation option. This is provided either in a standard version or a higher specification comfort edition where the tilt movement is directly controlled by the turning of the handle.

Minimal complexity

If you are already using Roto NX or NT hardware, or indeed Roto AL for aluminium, you will find that Alversa uses many common components, so the number of new parts you will have to set up will be kept as low as possible.

For example, the central locking parts and strikers are the same as used on Tilt&Turn windows, and these are also common to all four configurations of Patio Alversa. The three parallel sliding versions all use common bogie sets. Your standard Roto window handles are also compatible with all sliding units made with this system.

Selling points

With Patio Alversa you can complement your existing Roto window hardware and sell your customers a sliding unit using the same premium brand. They can be assured of reliability and long service life, and the corrosion protection of the RotoSil Level 6 coating.

The various options allow you to promote benefits such as convenient ventilation options along with obvious security features: mushroom-headed cams and slotted strikers, plus the option of key lockable handles.

Patio Alversa – the four variants at a glance

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