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Most customers understand to some degree that window hardware provides functionality and security. But how many of them have thought about how it helps with energy efficiency?

In a world where consumers and building specifiers are increasingly focusing on the eco angle, it is worth considering this selling point.

In this brief article, we look at a number of things you can talk about when explaining to your customers the benefits of buying your windows and doors, fitted as they are with the best hardware available.

Airtightness all around the sash

The most obvious way in which hardware contributes to energy efficiency is in tight air sealing.

Roto systems are designed to provide a firm, even weatherseal on all sides of a window or door. This is true across the Roto range of products, from our window systems to our range of door locks, hinges and threshold technology, all of which are designed to keep windows and doors tightly shut against the elements.

Roto Patio Inowa for sliding windows achieves incredible levels of air tightness, which is why it has been specified for extreme weather resistance on very tall residential buildings around the world.

All of our hardware systems are designed to provide optimum weathersealing while remaining easy to use in terms of operating forces required.

Working with the best weatherseals

Another reason why Roto hardware performs so well in maintaining air and water tightness is the fact that our engineers work in tandem with colleagues who design the world’s very best weathersealing products for windows and doors.

The DEVENTER portfolio has a huge range of weatherseals to cover many different window and door styles. They are made from highly durable materials with a strong elasticity, so they continue to provide the same level of sealing over the lifetime of the installation.

Natural ventilation means energy saved

There are other, less obvious ways in which Roto products help to save energy. Take for example the issue of ventilation.

Tilt&Turn windows fitted with the TiltSafe option can meet Resistance Class 2 when open for ventilation. TiltSafe is both a security and ventilation product. It allows people to leave windows open without worry, which has benefits for energy efficiency.

During warm weather, overnight ventilation helps to lower the temperature inside a building, so air conditioning will not need to come on until later in the morning. TiltSafe can therefore help reduce energy consumption without a compromise on security.

Letting in more daylight

Another way to save energy is to reduce the need for artificial light. Roto systems help achieve this because they can support windows with very large glazed areas. Comparison figures for the latest Tilt&Turn systems indicate that we are ahead of the competition overall with the area of glazing that can be supported at height and width size limits.

Improving recyclability

Using more glass increases the recyclability of buildings. Our sliding systems, such as Patio Life for timber and PatioLift for aluminum, allow designers to include large glazed areas while retaining energy efficiency.

Of course, the metals from which hardware is made can be used again. This is why Roto commits to being part of recycling schemes. In the Netherlands for example, we are members of the AluEco initiative, where we agree to take back our fittings from demolished buildings and recycle them.

In summary

Here then are the points you can emphasise to your customers about how Roto products help make your windows and doors more energy efficient:

  • High quality mechanisms maintain accurate compression of weatherseals over the life of an installation. Heat loss is minimised.
  • Fine adjustment allows for optimal sealing. Again, preventing draughts and energy loss.
  • Ventilation options help save energy in warmer weather and can also be secure.
  • Roto hardware makes the largest windows and sliding units safe and easy to operate. Large units let in more natural light, saving energy.
  • Hardware is recyclable and Roto is committed to sustainability. Clients can feel they are buying a product that is better for the environment in the long term.

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