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To maximise the energy efficiency of your windows and doors, and to ensure they have optimal ease of use and longevity, you need to use both the best quality hardware and weatherseals.

For much of our history, Roto was associated mainly with window hardware. In more recent times however, we have taken steps to become the complete supplier of window and door technology, including weatherseals. This has been facilitated by two key acquisitions.

Roto acquired the Deventer Group in 2016 as the first step towards being able to offer weatherseals globally. Late in 2022, the purchase of the American company Ultrafab Inc was the step that made Roto world-leading supplier of weatherseals with a total of seven dedicated production sites.

“With Deventer and Ultrafab, we focus on top quality, sustainability, design, technical support, reliability and high delivery performance in the marketplace for weatherseals”, said Roto Window & Door Technology CEO Marcus Sander.

Tightly sealed, easy to use
Eberhard Mammel, Head of Product Marketing and Product Adaptation at Roto FTT, explains that the range of weatherseals available from Roto is incredibly diverse, with seals designed for many different profile brands in both PVC and aluminium, plus a wide range of timber designs. Both Deventer and Ultrafab offer technical support to customers at an early stage of their profile development. “This includes making prototypes of new sealing profiles at short notice and conducting performance tests in Roto’s accredited test laboratories. It is a highly appreciated service that provides recognised added value”, he says.

Integrated product development
Deventer and Ultrafab seals are made from high quality raw materials and are shaped to work in tandem with Roto hardware and provide exceptional resistance to wind and rain.

An example of the benefits of integrated hardware and weatherseal product development is the Roto Patio Inowa sliding system. Inowa is designed as a tightly-sealed solution to enable sliding installations to reach high levels of storm proofing and energy efficiency. The combination of innovative hardware with an all-round closing action plus an unbroken, circumferential Deventer seal around the sash profile have been decisive factors in the success of Patio Inowa, which is used all over the world on installations including carbon neutral buildings and high rise developments exposed to strong winds.

Joint consultation
Our engineers assist window profile manufacturers with integrated consultation on both hardware and sealing products. “Roto adapts its system components from the hardware product ranges and the seals precisely to the customer’s requirements so that their door or window system meets the required performance standards in terms of security and tightness,” reaffirms Mammel.

Material expertise
Both Deventer and Ultrafab have vast expertise in the processing of different synthetic materials and for this reason often work with companies from other sectors outside the window and door industry to provide them with sealing solutions.

Both sealing brands are also playing a role in the Roto Group’s focus on sustainability and eco-friendly production. The weatherseal production sites use equipment and processes designed to optimise power consumption, and the use of regeneratively produced power is being systematically promoted. Therefore, customers using Deventer or Ultrafab products can be assured of environmentally compliant processes in this branch of their supply chain.

See the Roto Group weatherseals up close and meet our expert representatives at Fensterbau Frontale. Roto is on Stand 303/304 in Hall 1 for the duration of the exhibition in Nuremberg.

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