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If you are making aluminium windows, especially those for use in public buildings, it is now increasingly likely that the specification will call for a tested and certified turn restrictor to be fitted to the window.

Fabricators using the Roto AL and Roto AL Designo hardware systems have access to a growing range of turn restrictors that are suitable for use in any room, including in situations such as hotels, hospitals and schools.

The standard suite of Roto restrictors is wide-ranging in the variety of applications it covers and you can usually meet most requirements with one of these products. If however your customer’s specification demands something that cannot be met by a standard restrictor, Roto engineers may be able to assist.

Our Roto Object Business team work on aluminium window contracts worldwide and already have created a number of specially adapted restrictors that have been tested in accordance with EN 13126-5 for specific contracts.

For a new requirement, the team may be able to specify a special solution they have used before, or work on a brand new solution. In that case, they assist the aluminium window manufacturer from start to finish, with design and prototyping, testing and help with installation on site.

An example of this type of collaboration is the MainTor Porta, a high rise building in Frankfurt, designed by architects KSP Jürgen Engel. Roto’s customer, Josef Gartner GmbH have supplied the facade and a total of 1100 aluminium windows using concealed Tilt&Turn hardware from the Roto AL Designo range and a restrictor that is designed to be extremely easy to use.

For a detailed overview of our aluminium turn restrictor programme, including the standard range and special solutions, see the PDF download we have made available with this article.

Your Roto representative will be able to assist with any questions you have about window restrictors.


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