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  • New revised version of lift-lever operated door lock.
  • Make taller doors with corner drives and extensions from Roto NX range.
  • Optimised internal mechanism for even greater durability.

If you are making entrance doors for houses or apartments, you can gain benefits for both yourself and your end user customers with the new, refined version of the Roto Safe H650 lever-operated door lock. The lock is suitable for use on all materials: PVC, timber, aluminium or composite. It is ideal for both front and back doors.

Here we take a closer look at the key features and advantages.

Fabrication benefits

Direct compatibility with corner drives and extensions

A key improvement with this new lock is that the range of travel in the mechanism is now the same as on the Roto NX and NT hardware systems. This makes it much more straightforward to connect additional components from these ranges onto a door. Previously, in order to fit corner drives and other extensions to door locks, the difference in travel meant it was necessary to break the pre-set pins in these parts prior to installing them.

Now, they can be fitted onto a door in their “as new” condition: the pre-set pins are broken with the first movement of the mechanism when all components are screwed in place. This saves time and ensures all locking points are in the correct travel positions relative to their strikers without any further adjustments. Obviously this simplifies production and has benefits in time-saving and error elimination.

Seamless changeover

Existing users of the H650 lock will be able to start using the new version without making any changes in terms of preparation, processing or fitting. All lock dimensions and striker positions remain the same.


Multipart version

DoorSafe H650 is available as a multi-part lock. You can hold in your stock lock centres and the various locking point attachments in the quantities you need them. You can therefore smooth out your advance planning and also be responsive if you need to make a door with a different security specification at short notice.

Easy latch conversion

Each lock can be adapted for left- or right-handing simply by removing the latch piece and turning it around. If a roller latch is required, you can easily fit one in place of the standard latch.

Market opportunities

Wide range of application

DoorSafe H650 makes it easier for you to manufacture different types of doors, for example:

  • Balcony doors with corner drives top and bottom.
  • Taller doors up to 3000 mm with locking points in the top section.
  • Flood doors or higher security doors with locking points on the horizontal planes and even on the hinge side.

You can cover these market requirements now or at a future stage. DoorSafe H650 is therefore a form of future-proofing for those market requirements such as taller doors that look set to become even more popular in the years ahead.

End user benefits

Many aspects of this lock provide benefits for homeowners, which you can use as selling points for your doors.

Lift-lever locking

This method of locking is quick and convenient. Just lift the handle, release then make one turn of the key. Unlocking is just as simple, with one key turn followed by a push down on the handle to retract the locking points.

Whisper latch

If the door is pushed closed against the latch spring, it clicks into place softly and quietly thanks to the high-strength, wear-resistant nylon centrepiece. This feature gives the door a premium feel during showroom demonstrations.

Optimised internal mechanism

While revising the amount of travel in the locking points (as described earlier), our engineers took the opportunity to make upgrades and improvements to the components inside the lock case. The maximum handle force has been increased from 15 kg to 20 kg. The lock is therefore demonstrably more robust and able to provide a long life of reliability.

Temperature tolerance

The optimisation of the internal components means they continue to work efficiently, even in extreme changes of weather conditions because they are more tolerant of variations in temperature and humidity. This makes the lock easy to use in all conditions.


The choice of various locking points (power wedge, bolt, combination lock) and the ability to easily add more locking points via corner drives means you can provide clients with a specification to meet the security level they require, including up to EN Resistance Class 3 (profile dependent).

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