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Premium windows and doors with the best hardware should always make a contribution to interior design and the aesthetics of a home. Here, we look at hardware from the position of wanting to see as little of it as possible.

Customers who buy premium products in any area want them to have a visual appearance that reflects their high quality. With windows, clients want the best technology but they don’t want to see too much of it. The most appealing windows and doors are those that have a smooth, minimal aesthetic.

This is why Roto engineers are always seeking ways to help you achieve this kind of look for your finished products by making our hardware as unobtrusive as possible.

One way to do this is to conceal hardware within the frame rebate, so that items such as hinge components are not visible on the closed unit. There are however other ways in which the visual impact of hardware can be reduced.


There was a time when concealed hinges on Tilt&Turn windows meant a lower maximum sash weight, but that isn’t an issue now. A maximum loading of 150 kg is possible on both timber and PVC with NT Designo hardware and 180 kg on aluminium with AL Designo.

Concealed hinges clearly enhance the look of a closed window, but it’s no good if a large amount of metal becomes visible when the sash is open.

Designo pivot rests and stays are designed to keep their physical presence to a minimum without compromising on load bearing or performance. This also has the advantage of keeping space free to locate more locking points if a high security specification is required.

Balcony doors

The minimal look of Designo components is a particular advantage on sashes that are frequently opened in turn mode. A good example of this is on balcony doors, an application for which this type of hardware is very well suited.

Roto has a balcony door specification using NT Designo hinges. This arrangement also features a barrier-free Eifel threshold coupled with the Texel floor-door gasket. The result is a window-door with excellent weather sealing and the maximum possible amount of glass from top to bottom.

Many double sash arrangements will benefit from the Espagnolette Plus , a concealed option that removes the need for a handle on the passive sash. The lever flips over almost a full 180º, ensuring that it remains visually unobtrusive when the sash is opened.

Entrance Doors

The concealed hinge option is not just available on windows. Roto Solid C7.140 is an example for aluminium doors. This product boasts a number of innovative features to make it fabricator and installer friendly. This hinge is definitely worth investigating if you have not done so before.


In the area of sliding systems, Roto Patio Inowa has been designed to be compatible with the slimmest modern profiles. The result is a more attractive sliding unit with the benefits of maximising the glass area: more light into the building and a better view of the outside.

Design Locking

A recent innovation in terms of aesthetics can be seen on our Roto Patio Lift hardware for aluminum systems.

Design Locking features a new espagnolette on which the locking cam is retracted when the sash is opened. The top of the cam sits flush with the faceplate instead of protruding into the access area.

On the frame, the striker is mounted in a way that creates the appearance of being flush with the frame edge. Together, both of these features make for a much more impressive visual impact.

Do you want to know more about our hidden hardware options?

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