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Fabricators using Roto NX on PVC profiles can now make round arched windows following the introduction of new stay bearings and stay arms designed specifically for this purpose.

Various configurations

These components can be used to make:

  • Tilt&Turn round arched sashes with a maximum sash loading of 80 kg
  • Tilt-Only sashes with max 80 kg (note: this reduces to 60 kg if a restrictor and cleaning stays are fitted)
  • Turn-Only sashes up to 130 kg (Using stay bearing P3)
  • Turn-Only sashes up to 150 kg (Using stay bearing P6)

Stay arm sets

The stay arms are not handed, and therefore each one can be used for left or right-handed applications. They are sold as a set with rebate run-up block and round arched retainer included.

Stay bearings

Both variants of stay bearing (P3 and P6) are fully adjustable. The stay bearings have their own matching covers. (The inner covers for the arched window stay arms are the same as those used on the standard stay arms, so you will not need to set up new part codes for these items.)


Roto arched window components are designed to meet the requirements for resistance to repeated opening and closing in accordance with EN 13126-8:2017 class H3.

Drilling details

It is important to bear in mind that, due to the direction of forces to which arched or tilt-only stay arms are subjected, the drilling details for the stay bearings are different to those used on other windows. Please ensure you consult the Roto drilling diagram for these parts before preparing a window for these components.

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