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Our technical service to fabricators and systems houses, especially in the area of preparing windows and doors for testing, is set to be enhanced in the near future with the appointment of our newest colleague at Roto Western Europe.

We are pleased to welcome Boris Sterckx, who has joined us as Applications Specialist.

Boris has previously worked in the construction sector, including as a welder, a role in which he achieved top certification. Before that, he actually started training to be a science teacher. “I liked the idea of teaching, but I found there was too much admin”, he says. “I much prefer to be doing something practical, and I like to learn new things”.

He will certainly be getting the chance to gain new knowledge as he begins training on the full range of Roto hardware and equipment for windows and doors in PVC, timber and aluminium.

“I am really pleased to have been offered this position at Roto, because I have been searching for a company that wanted to invest in me, help me build my knowledge and develop my role”, says Boris. “I can tell that Roto has a good company culture and this was one of the things that has attracted me and made me feel positive about working here. For the next few weeks and months, I want to absorb as much information as I can and build my foundation step by step. Doors and windows are interesting because there are so many different types and configurations, and they are something we all use and need in our lives”.

In his day-to-day work, Boris will work primarily on projects, both in-house and on behalf of customers, helping prepare test elements and solving requirements for specifications. Initially he will focus on the Benelux region before branching out to become involved in projects in the rest of the region: Scandinavia, UK and Ireland.

“Boris has a very practical way of thinking, and this is one of the aspects that makes him a good fit for this role”, says his line manager Chris Cauwenberghs, head of product adaptation and marketing for Western Europe. “If something is not 100% clear, he starts searching for answers, which is something I like a lot. He has the right aptitude and approach to build a good career for himself with Roto”.

“Having someone with these skills in a focused role will mean we can provide maximum support to our customers and partners when they need help with preparing windows for testing”.

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