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As a door manufacturer, you not only want to be able to provide your customers with highly secure doors, but also with functionality that gives them convenience and comfort. Here we take a look at two Roto Safe door lock products that provide exactly these kinds of advantages, each for a different budget level.

  • Roto Safe A | Tandeo is a manually operated lock featuring mechanical automatic locking
  • Roto Safe E | Eneo A is an electromechanical lock compatible with access control systems

Mechanical version: Roto Safe A | Tandeo

Recently launched at BAU 2023 in Munich, the Roto Safe A | Tandeo mechanically-operated lock is the very latest automatic locking (sometimes known as “slam shut”) model in the Roto range.

For the end user, it could not be simpler: all they have to do is shut the door. The closing action activates all locking points including the main deadbolt. There is no need to use the key to lock the door.

What’s impressive about this new Tandeo lock is the level of security offered and the range of application, as well as the refinements and optional extras our engineers have provided.

Three point locking
Along with the central latch and deadbolt, the Tandeo lock features a top and bottom locking point, each of which combines a latch with an automatic power wedge.

These locking points have a premium look and feel, and will provide a strong visual impression for customers.

Whisper latch
Also adding to the customer’s perception of high quality is the whisper quiet latch mechanism. The door closes with a gentle and very subdued click, with no intrusive loud noises.

Safety and security
Your client’s peace of mind will be further increased when you explain how the locking mechanism has enabled the product to provide break-in resistance on specific doors to anti-burglary standards such as EN 1627 Resistance Class 2 and the SKG 2-star certification in the Netherlands. The locks are also push-back safeguarded, so as soon as they are closed in the face of an undesirable caller, there is no way that person can push the door open. You don’t need to lift a latch or turn a key to keep them out.

The three latches help to provide consistent compression of the sealing gasket, so your customers can be assured of a strong seal against wind and rain, plus a maximum level of energy efficiency from their door. Strong, evenly distributed compression also helps prevent warping of the door sash, so this is another selling point for long-term reliability.

Reassurance and convenience
Automatic locking provides great reassurance to end users that they are safe as soon as they close their door. It also removes the worry that can arise if a person begins a journey and then starts to doubt whether they remembered to lock the door.

Sometimes though, a customer might want to switch off the automatic locking in order to make it easier to go in and out of the house, perhaps when gardening or delivering shopping. For such requirements, you can offer the daytime unlocking option. The end user can deactivate the automatic locking simply by turning a switch. This function can be retrofitted to existing doors.

Electromechanical version: Roto Safe E | Eneo A

You can provide all of the functionality and benefits above as part of an electromechanical lock, which in addition allows the door to be unlocked remotely using access control systems.

Eneo A has a powerful but quiet motor that is capable of easily retracting all of the locking points on the door. You can offer your customers various ways in which to unlock their door, including a numerical keypad with code, smartphone or separate key fob device.

These locks are certified in accordance with the new norm prEN15686:2019 for permanent functional safety, corrosion resistance and usability. You can use this to show your clients that their door lock has been designed to be simple to use and that it will provide a long lifetime of service.

Roto is also in the process of obtaining VdS certification, which will provide you with further evidence of burglary resistance.

Download more information here and contact your local Roto representative for a demonstration.

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