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Glazing blocks are a very important link in the chain when it comes to making high quality windows and doors. The use of poor quality blocks can soon result in problems with the function and performance of a glazed installation.

If low quality glazing blocks start to deform, this causes a lack of rigidity and squareness in the sash. This can result in issues such as difficulty in opening and closing, stress on the hardware, problems with airflow and thermal efficiency, plus a compromised security level with less resistance to break-in attempts.

Roto: a premium brand
Thankfully, if you use genuine Roto glazing blocks and install them correctly, you can avoid the scenario where end users report such problems months on from the installation of your windows and doors.

Tested and certified
Our Glas-Tec range of glazing accessories includes a full suite of glazing blocks for a wide variety of applications. All of them are tested and certified in accordance with the German TR3 technical guidelines. This means they have to comply with rigorous testing of their tensile strength, load bearing ability and resistance to extremes of temperature.

If you are making your windows from the best quality frames and glazing, and using premium hardware from Roto, make sure there isn’t a fatal weak link in your finished products. Insist on Roto glazing blocks, which are available from our distribution partners.

Look for the bridge logo
The easy way to tell if you have a Roto glazing block is to look for our Glas-Tec bridge logo, which is a distinctive bridge shaped design (in German it is called “Klotzbrücke”, or “block bridge”).
The bridge logo can be found on all of our main glazing block products, namely the GL-SV, GL-B, GL-IB, and GL-UK variants.

More reasons to choose Roto glazing blocks
In another Roto More article, we went into more detail about the benefits of Roto Glas-Tec glazing blocks.
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