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The BAU exhibition took place in Munich last month, with Roto showing a strong commitment to the event by having a bigger stand than ever before. The fair has undoubtedly been a success for the organisers: they have reported a record 190,000 visitors over six days. The official statistics show that 40% of these visitors were from outside Germany, an increase on the figure of 37% in 2019.

One of those visitors was our very own Vesa Nenye, Head of Customers and Markets for Roto UK & Ireland. We spoke to him to get his impressions, which we’ll come to later. First, a quick reminder of some of the highlights of the Roto stand:

Door lock launch
A key product premiere was the launch of the latest generation of Roto Safe multipoint locks. The manual Roto Safe A | Tandeo and electromechanical Roto Safe E | Eneo A are both designed for doors made from any frame material and provide three-point locking automatically on closure. Both locks provide excellent operating convenience and burglary protection and can be used on exceptionally tall doors.

Roto NX | TiltFirst
Another hardware system designed for security and safety in the home is Roto NX TiltFirst. This variant of our leading Tilt&Turn system can be placed in a mode to allow the window to be tilted, but not fully opened. There are obvious safety benefits here, especially for families with children. Also on display was the TiltSafe security mechanism, which makes windows burglar resistant when in the tilt mode.

Public buildings
There was also a focus on public buildings, with Patio Inowa shown as being suitable for all sizes of sliding system, from small windows up to large sashes of 400 kg. The Roto Solid C concealed door hinge, designed for both inward and outward opening aluminium doors, was also on display.

Patio Inowa 400 – a memorable display
“The fair was super busy, very well attended”, says Vesa Nenye, Head of Roto UK & Ireland. “One of the things that struck me was the display of the Patio Inowa 400. Our team had fitted this large aluminum sliding unit with a regular-sized handle of the type you would find on a standard tilt and turn window.

“This had been done in order to show how easy it is to operate the mechanism and slide the 400 kg sash. It was a very clever demonstration of how the ball bearing technology in Patio Inowa has really made it a standout product in terms of ergonomics and user comfort. It was obvious that the visitors who tried it were really impressed”.

Controllable alu restrictor
“Among the window products that attracted attention was the ELA restrictor for aluminium windows, which is variable and controlled completely from the handle.

Door innovations
“In the area of doors, the brand new Tandeo A700 showed itself to be a very functional door lock with automatic locking. Another new door product was the Solid B hinge, which can be adjusted to its furthest extent and still look the same visually with no gaps”.

Fabricator recommendation
“The statistics I’ve seen so far from Roto are all very encouraging. The number of formal enquiries received by our team has increased significantly on the 2019 edition of the fair, a reflection of the increased overall attendance and the bigger Roto stand.

“BAU’s own figures show that almost half the visitors to the fair are window or door fabricators. I would really recommend this fair to fabricators from across our Western Europe region because you will get a lot out of it. The Roto team will be ready to host you in 2025, so keep it on your calendar and enquire with your local Roto representative nearer the time”.

Catch up via Roto City
“For any fabricators who didn’t visit BAU 2023, we can give you a virtual tour of the Roto exhibits using our Roto City application. This can be done in an online meeting, or face-to-face at your premises during a sales visit. We’ll be pleased to hear from you”.

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