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Two new videos, now available on the Roto FTT YouTube channel, are a resource to help installers make adjustments on site. These videos are multilingual, as they are completely visual and without sound. The animations are designed to show how to perform each adjustment in a very clear and easily understandable way.

Importantly, for each adjustment the videos show how to prepare the window safely with the correct handle position and opening mode. The viewer is then shown the adjustment points, range of adjustment and which way to turn the hex key to achieve the desired movement.

Roto NX Installation (Hinge sides P and T)

This video is for PVC and timber windows made with Roto NX using either the standard components for PVC (hinge side P) or the dedicated version for timber (hinge side T).

It covers all the adjustments for:

  • Stay bearing and stay arm
  • Pivot rest
  • Cam position

Roto NX Designo

This video for the concealed Roto NX Designo shows how to adjust:

  • Stay arm
  • Corner hinge and pivot rest
  • Load transfer device
  • Locking cam

If you get questions from installers on site, you can send them the links for these videos to view on their mobile phones.
We hope it will help to save you a lot of time and explanation in future.

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