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The global Roto Window and Door Technology YouTube channel has been optimized with a new design and a more easy to use layout.

On the home page, the videos are now arranged in the following categories:

Our products and services – as well as being informative for you, these short promotional videos are also ideal to show to your clients when you want to explain the benefits of the hardware items that are fitted to your windows and doors.

Instructions and assembly – these videos are suitable for any language because they contain only graphics. They are designed to provide a clear, easily understood and comprehensive guide to installing and adjusting Roto hardware. Perfect for your manufacturing and installation to ensure they are doing everything correctly.

About Roto FTT – These videos give you further insight into Roto, our activities and development projects.

The page also contains a number of quick reference playlists. For example, you can get a list of all the videos in one particular language. This helps you to browse for new videos and see only the ones that apply to your market.

Further enhancements to the page are due to be made over the coming months. If you have any feedback about our YouTube channel, please let us know. We’d love to hear it.

Visit the Roto FTT YouTube page here:

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