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No matter how innovative or outstanding a construction product happens to be, it won’t be used in a building unless it is requested by the constructor. A powerful way to help ensure this happens is to make architects aware of the benefits and advantages of a product so they specify it in their plans.

Roto’s primary market is door and window manufacturers, and we aim to assist not only by providing the best product range and services, but also by creating awareness in the wider market. This way, it becomes easier for you to get your products used on architectural projects because the building specifier has asked for windows and doors with Roto hardware.

That’s why we have taken the step of working in Belgium with Plus Point, a marketing agency that specializes in bringing construction products to the attention of architects.

“Architects want to keep up with developments and be aware of the latest innovations, but they also don’t want to be deluged with marketing approaches from many different manufacturers. For us, as a single supplier, it is not always easy to get an audience with an architect”, explains Chris Cauwenberghs, head of product range marketing for Roto Western Europe. “That’s why we have started working with this agency, because it is a way to get past the gatekeeper”.


Plus Point works by establishing regular, confidential meetings with architects in which they present them with a number of products from different manufacturers. They do it in a way that is informative and without sales pressure. An appointment with Plus Point is a very time-effective way for an architect to get an overview of several products. They can then decide which ones are interesting and if they want more information about them.

During their interactions with architects, Plus Point actively highlights the features, advantages, and potential applications of Roto’s products. Their specialists use marketing materials, photos and physical samples to provide explanations.


The agency uses questionnaires to gauge architects’ interest in Roto’s products, the relevant contacts within their company and the existence of any short- or medium-term projects on which Roto products could potentially be specified. Detailed reports are compiled for each visit.

“We receive these reports on a regular basis”, says Chris. “They enable us to tailor commercial campaigns and build relationships with the interested parties”.

Market Analysis

Plus Point also generates a comprehensive regional analysis based on individual visit reports. This provides Roto with valuable insights. “The data gives us a better understanding of our target group in a specific region”, Chris explains.

Architects’ Preferred Service

“Architects like this service because it is very simple and time effective for them”, Chris continues. “Instead of arranging multiple appointments with different companies, some of which might try the “hard sell”, they prefer to work with an agency they know and trust, to get a brief overview of a number of products in a short time and then decide if there are any they would like to follow up on”

“Plus Point has wide brand recognition within the architectural sector and many architects have been working with them for a number of years, so the relationships are well established”.

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