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Even the most cleverly-designed Roto system is always changing every year because we keep listening to our customers and following market trends to find ways to make improvements and add extra functionality.

There is an increasing market for sliding elements that are tall and also narrow. Up to now the height-to-width ratio of Patio Inowa sash is 2:1. With a new anti-lift device, this increases to 3:1.

These devices are placed on the top corners of the sash and prevent it from lifting up during the sliding motion. This problem, which can happen with narrower sashes, is now eliminated.

The maximum possible heights and widths for each profile material do not change, only the ratio. For example, a sash of 2400mm height can now be made 800mm wide, when previously such a tall sash would have to be at least 1200mm wide.

For all materials

The anti-tilt devices block rotation of the sash when being slid open or closed. They are suitable for use on PVC, timber and aluminium profiles.

Two of the devices must be installed per sash, one on each of the top corners. Each is held in place by four fixing screws.

In order to accommodate the anti-lift devices correctly, fabricators need to take into account the amount of space required between the sash edge and the outer frame.

Available now

The Patio Inowa Anti-Tilt Device is available to order now and updated installation instructions have also been issued.

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