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With coronavirus restrictions affecting face-to-face business, you might soon see the effects of your team not having up to date product knowledge. This can affect both fabrication workers and commercial staff. Roto can help. For the last 15 years we have been steadily expanding our international training academy Roto Campus.

Two services from Roto Campus are going to be particularly useful at this time. One of them, eLearning, is available now. The other is Live Training, a replacement for face-to-face training. Here is a little more about both of these services.


The eLearning programme is a very time-effective way of improving and maintaining your staff’s knowledge of Roto products. We have a full set of eLearning modules for all the product groups in our range.

For new and experienced staff

New starters and established team members alike benefit from eLearning. It uses multi-format presentations to hold attention and make it easy for people to absorb information.


The scheduling and use of eLearning has complete flexibility. Users can log in at any time on a desktop, laptop or tablet. Most modules are 30 minutes long, with a smaller number being 60 minutes. The users do not have to complete their module in one session: they can log back in and resume at any time.

Incentive to improve

Each module ends with an interactive exercise for the person to test themselves and see how much they learned. Users can repeat modules and quizzes again if they wish to try and get a better score.

All content is provided in your native language, with voiceovers and subtitles to enhance comprehension.

Roto eLearning helps your staff to understand Roto products better, giving them knowledge that empowers them to do their jobs more effectively and get better results.

Live Training

Face-to-face training, both theoretical and practical, has always been an important part of the Roto Campus experience. Live sessions have an atmosphere of collaboration and allow interactive feedback with questions answered on the spot. They are a powerful part of building customer relationships.

In normal times, we conduct training on site at your premises or invite your team to our offices. Covid-19 restrictions have led us to focus on how we can best conduct live training online. We have aimed to try and retain many of the aspects that make a live session so productive.

High quality and professional

To be sure of providing a high quality and professional experience, we have invested in new cameras, microphones and software. Our team has been rehearsing Live Training scenarios to make sure the real events go smoothly.

One of the biggest challenges has been finding the best ways of showing fabricators how to assemble and fit the hardware over a video link. Following our tests, we believe we have found a way to do it well. We believe it is the closest we can get to a face-to-face training.

Online training meetings are designed for your team’s needs and involve up to eight people at a time, in a session that can last up to three hours.

Reasons to train your staff

For your company to maximise the benefits of using Roto, all your team members need to be aware of the advantages of the products and understand how to make the most of them.

Fabrication workers can become more efficient and less likely to make mistakes. Commercial staff with good knowledge can sell more persuasively.

Could your team benefit from training on new Roto products, or a refresher on the ones you already use?

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Your Roto representative and the Roto Campus team will work with you to recommend the best eLearning or Live Training options for your requirements. Please fill in your contact details below and we will get back to you.

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