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Improved versions of the popular Solid B 150 R and Solid B 170 R butt hinges are now available. These supersede the previous models and therefore become the standard versions.

The redesign has also enabled us to optimise production of the hinges, which means we can offer both at attractive prices.

Revised height adjustment on 150 R

The Solid B 150 R features a new height adjustment mechanism. The frame part moves up and down for height adjustment. If there is restricted space in which to mount the sash, the installer can create more room by lowering the frame part.

Importantly, when this height adjustment is made, there is no visible gap between the frame and sash part and so the aesthetics of the hinge are maintained.

This new design also allows the pin to be pulled downwards, facilitating the unhinging of the door in low height conditions where the ability to raise the sash is limited.

New look 170 R with innovations

The new Solid B 170 R is slightly taller (210mm) and narrower than before. This slimline design makes the hinge less obtrusive, resulting in a more attractive look for the whole door.

There are three versions, designed for hardware grooves of 16, 20 and 24 mm. All three have a maximum loading capacity of 120 kg, making the 170 R even more versatile.

Testing has been conducted on 14 different profiles. The product is certified to Class 4 of EN 1935, which includes 200,000 operation cycles. CE marking is currently in process.

As with the 150 R, the pin can now be pulled up and down, making installation work easier.

Hinge protection set

 An optional hinge protection set is due for release very soon. This will be detailed in a future product information update.

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