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  • Lift&Slide system now available for PVC as well as aluminium profiles.
  • Maximum loading increased to 400 kg for sliding sash.
  • Suitable for modern slim profiles and installations requiring RC2 burglar resistance.

If you are making sliding windows in either aluminium or PVC, the latest version of Roto Patio Lift, our established Lift&Slide system, has something to offer you. The biggest news is that the system can now be used on PVC profiles, opening up a whole new segment of the market. There are also a number of other improvements and refinements, and these apply on both aluminium and PVC.

Below we will explain why Patio Lift is now more versatile than ever and look at some of the key advantages of the system, many of which provide benefits to your customers.

Size ranges

The breadth of architectural projects for which you can provide installations is incredibly wide with Patio Lift. Most requirements for ceiling-height glass and panoramic views can be covered comfortably thanks to its new maximum sliding sash weight of 400 kg and size ranges up to 3000mm wide and 3100 mm tall.

Slim profiles

Patio Lift is compatible with slim modern profiles with a roller installation depth of 30mm. Whether on aluminium or PVC, you can now provide a slimline solution. Customers with good views outside will appreciate a narrower mullion and the levels of light inside buildings are also maximised.

DesignLocking espagnolette

The DesignLocking version locates the mushroom-headed locking cams on the espagnolette side rather than the outer frame as with the basic version. This creates a neater sightline on the frame, with nothing protruding into the access area.

Already available on aluminium with a dedicated ‘flush look’ striker, DesignLocking is also possible on PVC with two new striker options. One is a die-cast version that can be milled by up to 6mm. Alternatively, there is a sheet steel striker that uses profile-related packers, which can be stacked to achieve the correct height.

Smooth running

Roto sliding rollers are known for their smooth, quiet operation thanks to ball bearing technology and high quality PVC materials on the wheels. If you are supplying installations for coastal areas, you can use the Stainless Steel Plus version, designed to provide long-term functionality in corrosive environments.

Easier fabrication

The new 2-in-1 roller unit allows the connection of both flat and round connecting rods without the need for adapter components. The round connecting rod size has been standardised at 8mm for all profiles. There are clear advantages here in terms of logistics and keeping the number of different parts to a minimum.


Patio Lift installations attain a strong level of burglar resistance if you include drilling protection, an anti-jemmy device and a key-lockable handle. Specific installations have been tested to EN Resistance Class 2. If you want to test your own product, your Roto representative can help with advice.

Convenience and safety

You can provide customers with a ventilation option by adding a locking pin, which allows a low level of air exchange without strong draughts. Ideal for secure ventilation day or night. All Patio Lift espagnolettes have built-in dampers to provide protection from handle rebound, making it safer to operate heavy sashes.

Contact your Roto representative to find out what Patio Lift options are available for your particular profile.

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