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Here is a very low cost and simple way to enhance the technology of your windows. If you fit Roto MVS contacts, your windows become compatible with electronic alarm systems and smart homes. 

By connecting to a smart home system, your customers can monitor the open or closed status of their windows remotely. When the windows are closed, the alarm system will be activated by break-in attempts.

VdS certified

Roto MVS products are fully VdS approved and certified, which means they are compatible with all intruder alarm systems sold across Europe.

The contacts come in both screw-on and concealed versions, and there are two classifications available depending on the degree of sensitivity required:

  • VdS Class B (equivalent to EN Grade 2): Medium response sensitivity; medium level protection against break-in attempts.
  • VdS Class C (equivalent to EN Grade 3): Increased response sensitivity; increased protection against break-in attempts.

To make a window with MVS, you need to install an extension piece with a magnetic cam. You can then mount an MVS contact on the frame to interact with it. With Tilt&Turn windows, you can mount the MVS contacts near the top of the window to monitor open or closed status, including being open in tilt mode.

Allowing tilt mode

If you are using TiltSafe technology, you might want the system to ignore the fact that the window is open in tilt mode and only monitor for break in attempts. This can be achieved by locating the devices on the bottom horizontal side.

Concealed version

If you need to use the magnetic cam as a locking point, you can fit a concealed MVS contact underneath a standard striker. This location then becomes both a locking and monitoring point. (Note: available for timber and PVC only)

For more information on MVS contacts and our other electronic technology products, arrange a meeting with your Roto representative.

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