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The launch of Patio Inowa 400 has allowed manufacturers to bring the unparalleled Roto technology for tightly-sealed sliding systems to installations with very large sashes.

Clients love the ultra-smooth action created by the ball-bearing technology our engineers included in this system. Even if you don’t need to exceed the 200 kg maximum of the standard Patio Inowa system, you can offer the Patio Inowa 400 as a high-end luxury version that is even easier to slide and lock.

Our technical teams have just announced new transportation locks for the bogies, plus a new RC2 security specification for users of wood and wood-alu profiles.

New – bogie transport locks
Users of Patio Inowa 400 need to be aware that the bogies for this system will start to arrive with transport locks installed. The purpose of these locks is to hold the bogie wheels in place to protect them during transportation.

The transport locks are easily identifiable, being made of red plastic. Two such devices are fitted to each bogie and these need to be removed and discarded after the installation.

RC2 security for wood profiles
It is now possible for manufacturers using wood profiles to provide RC2 level security. This specification covers Patio Inowa specifications up to the maximum sash loading of 400 kg.

As well as standard wood profiles, the specification is also suitable for certain wood-alu profiles. Leitz and Gutmann profiles are already compatible.

Note: this specification is suitable for Scheme A (single sliding sash) only.

The ability to reach Resistance Class 2 of the EN 1627 burglary test means you can supply large sliding doors for domestic or commercial applications where this security standard is required and also bring end users the benefits of easy use and tight weathersealing that come with the Patio Inowa system.

Size ranges
With the RC2 specification on wood, the minimum sash size is 1500mm wide x 2000mm tall. The maximum possible sizes are 2960 mm wide and 3600 mm tall.

Get in touch
If you have not made the RC2 version before, or are completely new to Patio Inowa, your Roto representative will be able to arrange a demonstration.

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