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Since we launched Roto Solid C, it has become widely recognised as the best concealed hinge solution for aluminium doors. This is because it brings benefits to homeowners and makes installation easy for fabricators with its minimal complexity and FixClick technology.

Nevertheless, the Roto quest for continuous improvement never ends and our teams are always looking for ways to either simplify your ordering and installation processes or improve the end user experience.

The latest refinements to the Solid C range offer enhancements in both areas.

Height adjustment module 2.0
The reconfigured version of the height adjustment module makes door preparation easier. Instead of a rectangular routing (milling) pattern, you can now prepare the door frame for this part by drilling a 16mm diameter hole.

The new part comes pre-assembled with two fixing screws included. There are fewer parts than before because the direct fixing screw and cover cap are no longer required.

The height adjustment process remains the same: this is achieved by inserting a hexagon key in the base of the component and turning it to raise or lower the hinge.

Silver version colour match
Our technical teams have also achieved a better colour match on two of the components that are visible on an open door. This applies when using the version of the hinge in the silver finish.

Previously, the hinge case was a galvanised part that had been sandblasted, and the hinge flap was anodised. This resulted in a slight optical difference between the two parts.

On the new versions, the hinge cases (for both frame and sash) and the height adjustment modules will be powder coated in the finish R01.1 natural silver. You can see on this photo that this now achieves a better colour match with the hinge flap.

If you have not used Roto Solid C before, please get in touch with your Roto representative who will be pleased to arrange a demonstration.

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