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Roto Patio Lift is a hugely versatile Lift&Slide system, known for its quiet sliding movement and convenient operation. That ease of use has just been improved further with the latest versions of the DesignLocking strikers and pad strikers.

These new strikers feature revised internal geometry, making it even easier to turn the handle during the closing action.

In addition, the closed and locked sash will no longer have any “play” in the movement. With these new Roto strikers fitted, you cannot move the sash, even a few millimetres as is common on many sliding systems. Although this does not make the unit any more secure, it provides a reassuring premium feel to end users.

Some strikers have a different visual look; for example the new part 2010089 is now made from zinc, has no cover caps and is shorter overall by 8.7 mm.

Please note: in cases where your new strikers are taller, depending on the details of your profile, it may be necessary to use longer fixing screws.

The range of application of these strikers does not change when compared with the ones they replace.

Here is a complete list of the codes for the new parts and their predecessors. The older parts will be removed from the Roto portfolio, so please update your records.

For further information, please download the product information documents.

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