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Until now, every Roto door hinge has included a set of printed installation instructions inside the physical packaging. It is a legal requirement for us to provide these instructions, however under a new initiative we are replacing the paper instructions with a QR code.  

The labels on the boxes of the CE-marked hinges will show an instruction icon with a QR code alongside. 

In order to access the instructions, the user simply scans the QR code with a smartphone. The code links to a set of online instructions, which the user can then either read directly on the phone, or send to another device. They can of course also print a copy if required. 

“This is an example of how Roto is moving towards using more digital technology”, says Subana Akhmedova from Roto Western Europe’s marketing department. “It is also a contribution towards the environment, because it reduces the amount of unused paper that needs to be recycled. At the moment, fabricators are having to dispose of a sheet of paper with every hinge they process. This will eliminate that completely.  

“It also means that we can save on the costs of printing and packing the instruction sheets, and any changes or amendments to the instructions can be made digitallyThe cost savings mean we can invest more in product development and avoid or minimise price rises”, Subana explains.  

“This change will occur first on our 117NN and 117H models, which are screw-on hinges for heavy PVC doors.This is an initial trial phase. If all goes well it will soon apply to the rest of the door hinge range”. 

Stefan Duge, Intralogistics Project Manager at Roto Leinfelden, says, “Now this project has been completed, it has enabled us to optimise the organisation of a large part of our internal material flows. Both transport systems are extremely flexible and ensure continuous material flows within our production and intralogistics.”

Relevant products

Roto Solid S | 117 NN 

Screw-on hinge for entrance doors up to 160 kg 

Roto Solid S | 117 H 

Screw-on hinge for block profiles 

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