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The FRH Uni system is already established as the market-leading hardware for reversible or “top swing” outward opening windows.

The latest revisions to the FRH UNI range bring a number of advantages to fabricators, especially in terms of simplified ordering and delivery. The components themselves also perform and look better on a finished window.

New sash bearing design

Up to now, the sash bearing components have been made from zinc. The new versions comprise a synthetic bearing connected to a steel faceplate, held in place by an integrated retainer spring.

There are now just three designs of bearing: one for each material. The differences lie in the faceplates, which are designed for either PVC, aluminium or timber. Fabricators now need only order one part code for each material they are using.

Each bearing set comes completely pre-assembled and ready to use.

The new synthetic bearings create less friction, resulting in an even smoother, easier reversing operation for the sash.

The new bearing faceplates also have a more attractive finish than zinc. They are coated with RotoSil Level 6 surface, so you can be assured of a high level of corrosion resistance in a wide range of climatic conditions.

Revised packaging for hinges

From now on the FRH Uni hinges will be sold as sets only. This reduces the complexity of the logistics operation and helps to minimise environmental impact with standardised cardboard packaging.

Each set contains five pairs of hinges (five left-hand and five right-hand parts). The pairs are bundled together, so it is easy to remove a pair from the packaging without having to check the left or right handing of the parts.

Previously the hinge packaging contained wooden spacers to separate the parts. These have been replaced by cardboard spacers, which are less costly and easier to recycle.

Thinking of adding reversible windows to your product portfolio?

Roto FRH Uni has a long track record of successful use on both commercial and domestic windows. For a demonstration, please get in touch with your Roto representative and they can connect you with the appropriate distribution partner.

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