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Allowing more natural daylight into living rooms and offices has several benefits. Roto products help building designers let in more light while still maximizing user convenience, safety and security.

As a window manufacturer, you need a hardware supplier whose products help you reach the limits of what is possible in modern glazing. One of these areas is the maximum size of windows.
There are many reasons for building designers to want to install larger glazed areas and let more light into buildings.

Energy efficiency

An obvious advantage of increasing the levels of natural light is that artificial lights will then be needed less often. Even modern energy efficient lighting uses some power, so savings are possible.

Another way in which power can be saved is the partial heating of buildings via sunlight. So-called ‘solar gain’ can be useful in winter, warming the interior slightly and reducing the amount of energy required from the building’s heating system.

In the height of summer, it might be undesirable to have too much sunlight because it heats a building too much and creates more energy usage by air conditioning systems. It is however possible to use special glazing or window treatments and films that diffuse sunlight and reduce the impact of heat gain.

Health benefits

There are other good reasons to maximize the levels of light in buildings, be they homes or workplaces. The main reason is maintaining the circadian rhythms or the natural ‘body clock’. Exposure to brighter light in the day and then gradually receding light as sunset approaches helps the body to maintain optimum levels of melatonin, the hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle.

When people have regular sleep patterns, they benefit in many ways. They are healthier, more alert, less prone to low mood and there is also evidence that better quality of sleep equals less susceptibility to serious diseases. The immune system also needs quality, regular sleep.

Good for business

It makes sense for employers to ensure that their staff work as much as possible in buildings with high levels of natural light. Staff with good levels of physical and mental health are more productive and less likely to be absent due to illness.

Visual design

In terms of design, natural light is also desirable because it enhances the colors inside rooms, making them more appealing. Lighter rooms also feel more spacious.

Openings provide advantages

Larger windows provide more benefits of natural light. If these windows can be opened, users also gain the advantages of allowing natural ventilation.

Hardware for maximum sizes

Roto systems are designed to achieve some of the biggest window sizes possible in the industry –– all while remaining easy and safe to operate, with high levels of security and energy efficiency.

Here are just a few key Roto products that help you make installations with large glass areas:

Patio Inowa

For tightly sealed sliding systems in all materials. Inowa is versatile, easy to operate and provides unmatched levels of air and water tightness. It is ideal for high rise applications. Maximum sash rebate sizes are 2000mm wide and 2500mm tall.

Patio Lift

Our Lift&Slide system for aluminum is capable of supporting the slimmest profiles on the market, maximizing the light let into an installation. Suitable for weights up to 400 kg and sash sizes of 3000mm wide and 3100mm tall.

Patio Life

The comfort hardware for large sliding doors in timber. Features include an energy efficient barrier-free threshold and a secure night ventilation mode. Can cover overall frame widths up to 6500mm and carry a sash of 400 kg.

Roto NT Power Hinge

A turn-only solution for heavy, room-height windows and balcony doors up to 300 kg.

Roto AL

The hardware system for aluminum windows can be used to make both Tilt&Turn and Turn-Only arrangements. Tilt&Turn units with sash rebate heights of 3000mm and a maximum load are possible. With Turn-Only installations, the weight limit rises to 300 kg.

Roto NX

The Tilt&Turn hardware for PVC and timber is designed with the fabricator in mind to be as simple and fast to install as possible. It also provides many benefits to end users such as TiltSafe protection. In terms of size and weight limits, it is also a premium product with standard specifications allowing heights of 2800mm and sash weights up to 150 kg.

Want to go bigger? If you have a requirement to make very large windows, our technicians can help you with the specification. Consult your Roto representative.

If you have a requirement to make very large windows,
our technicians can help.

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