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We have just expanded the Roto eLearning portfolio with the introduction of a new module covering the door program.

This standard level course provides participants with an overview of the Roto product range for residential doors and covers multi-point locking systems, hinges and thresholds.

The eLearning modules are one of the services provided by Roto Campus, the group-wide training organization. Roto Campus is dedicated to ensuring that Roto customers and partner companies can access up-to-date training for their production workers and commercial staff.

Along with face-to-face and live online training sessions, eLearning modules have proven to be a very useful tool in making sure customer staff are trained in Roto products and the advantages they provide.

Fred van den Broek is responsible for data services and training at Roto Western Europe. “Every Roto user can refresh or expand their knowledge with this service”, he says. “It gives people a better overall understanding of how Roto systems work and what they achieve. They can become aware of some benefits of the products they may not have known before, and this can help them to sell. So it is always a win for any fabricator or dealer to give their staff this opportunity”.

Most of the modules last 30 minutes, with some being 60 minutes. Users do not have to complete them all in one sitting, as the system allows a user to log off and then resume where they left off later.

At the end of each module there is an interactive test. Users can repeat the test to try and gain a better score.

Signing up to Roto eLearning is easy. Each user simply fills out an online form and once accepted, they will have a user ID and password enabling them to log in at any time and on any device. From here they can view their own ‘personal desktop’ with records of the learning modules they have undertaken, test scores and digital certificates for completed tests.

There are different levels of difficulty. Standard level courses are designed to provide a solid overview and understanding of a product range or a specific product from within that range. Higher level courses are more complex in the amount of technical detail involved.

The current range of available courses is as follows:

If your staff are not currently using the Roto eLearning service, why not try it for yourself to see the benefits? Please get in touch with your Roto representative and they will arrange it.

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