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If you are a joinery company involved in making timber windows and doors, it is useful to know that you can add Roto Patio Inowa to your portfolio with a complete ready-to-use package.

This solution provides profile machining data and tooling to make the profiles for a high-quality timber sliding window. The profile design has been tailored to work perfectly in conjunction with Roto hardware and DEVENTER weatherseals.

This initiative is the result of a technological partnership between the Roto Group and expert tooling supplier Leitz.

Roto Patio Inowa is known for its ability to provide very high levels of air and water sealing, resulting in its use on many tall buildings and other projects where sliding windows are subject to extreme weather.

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The difference is made by the patented closing and locking mechanism, which also creates advantages in both energy efficiency and security.

Add to this the benefits of simple operation, smooth running rollers and a low threshold, and you can offer your clients a market-leading sliding system that excels in every area, from practicality to visual design.

As DEVENTER weatherseals are designed and made within the Roto Group, there is a synergy between the hardware and sealing products, which means that precise tolerances are possible. The handle is easy to operate, the locking mechanism moves smoothly, and the perfect closing pressure is achieved.

With this system you can make a sliding unit with a sash weight of up to 250 kg. The maximum external dimensions of the frame are 3000 mm wide and 2600 mm tall, making it ideal for ceiling height applications on buildings with glazed facades.

The possible heights and widths of installations make Roto Patio Inowa a perfect choice for any building where occupants benefit from high levels of natural daylight, for example homes, commercial offices, or hotels.

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