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  • Roto’s Austrian factory has commissioned a biomass heating plant
  • Reduces site’s annual CO2 emissions by 2160 tonnes
  • Generates power independently of external electricity suppliers
  • Further evidence Roto is a brand that represents sustainability

Roto Kalsdorf, the production site located near Graz in the Styrian region of Austria, now has its own biomass heating plant, the first of its kind in the Roto Group. As a result, one of the largest Roto factories no longer depends on external sources for heating the premises or for process water, and its heat supply is now carbon-neutral.

The biomass plant, which has been installed in collaboration with the Austrian Bioenergie Group, has an operating output of 4 megawatts and also features a 90 kWp photovoltaic installation. Technicians calculate that it will reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of the Kalsdorf production site by 2160 tonnes per year.

It complements several environmentally friendly installations that were already in place at Roto Kalsdorf: three independently operated hydroelectric power plants, a rooftop photovoltaic system and an open-space photovoltaic installation.

“This new power plant represents technical progress and also embodies the responsibility we feel towards our environment”, stated Christian Lazarevic, Managing Director of Roto Frank Austria, at the inauguration ceremony. “It also plays a crucial role in ensuring reliable power supply to our site, therefore contributing to the reliability that we offer to our customers.”

Styrian state representatives, along with the local mayor, attended the official opening. Roto Window & Door Technology’s CEO, Marcus Sander, emphasised the significance of the site in his address. “The Kalsdorf plant has been part of our group for 50 years and it plays an important role as one of our 18 production sites across the globe”, said Mr Sander. “Management and members of staff do great work here, which has enabled us to gain market shares”.

Subana Akhmedova of Roto Western Europe’s marketing team said, “We hope this news will be interesting to our customers, the window and door manufacturers, because it provides further evidence that Roto is serious about investing in sustainability. We are committed to implementing carbon-neutral practices in our production and logistics chain. This is something window and door companies can use to explain to their clients another reason why they use our products and why Roto is the best brand to have as part of your window or door”.

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