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Our Marketing Specialist Subana Akhmedova joined Roto last summer. In her first year, she has been learning a lot about Roto products and their applications. In this article, Subana takes a look at the subject of security and picks out some of the options in the product range that stood out to her from a marketing perspective.

How many of these security options did you know about?

Roto NX: TiltSafe

For our entire history Roto has always had a market-leading tilt and turn suite, from the first commercially available system invented by founder Wilhelm Frank to today’s Roto NX.

“The standout security feature of Roto NX is the TiltSafe option”, says Subana. “Before I worked here I did not know it was possible, but Roto patented this technology and it is not available from anyone else. The fact you can leave a window tilted open and it still resists burglary attempts with tools is very impressive”.

V-cam: a fabrication advantage

Another notable feature is the V-cam. “What I have learned is that this is not just a security device. You also use it to adjust the compression, and the thread is very fine, so precise alterations can be made very easily with a hex key or special tool. So there are advantages here for the fabricator and installer too”.

“The other thing about the V-cam is that it works with a wide range of rebate tolerances”, explains Subana. “That is a definite benefit for manufacturers because they don’t need to worry if the sash size varies slightly, because there will still be enough clearance room for the V-cam to slide into the striker”.

Steel strikers: highly secure and automation friendly

 “Oh, there is one more thing to mention! Steel frame strikers!”. Roto has a range of such strikers in versions for both PVC and timber windows. The components are made from hardened steel mounted on top of either a high strength plastic or zinc base.

“I know that these parts help to give RC3 level protection”, says Subana. “They are designed for use with automated production. Many of them are universal handing, in other words not specifically left- or right-handed, so the same striker can be used on any window, regardless of hinge side. That helps to simplify ordering and stockholding”.

Samba handles: lockable and pushbutton versions

In Western Europe we promote the Samba handle as being the perfect balance between a classic window handle shape and a modern design. It has just enough flair to look up to date, while remaining timeless.

“I like these handles”, says Subana. “If you want to increase security, there is a pushbutton version and of course key locking is also an option. What I did not realise until I did more training is that the key-locking option has two versions. The standard lockable handle resists a torque of 40 Nm, and we also have a higher strength version rated for 100 Nm”.

Doors: Tandeo automatic locks

The Door Safe range of locks is extensive, but Subana is focused on a product that has been promoted heavily during her time here: the Door Safe A Tandeo.

“What I like about this is that it makes a form of automatic locking affordable to a wide range of customers”, says Subana. “It is a manually operated lock, but as soon as you close it, the locking points engage. That is great because many people forget to lock their door behind them, so this Roto product is keeping them safe all the time”.

Tandeo locks come with top and bottom locking points that are a combination of hooks and latching ‘power wedges’. The central deadbolt is also activated and extends automatically on closure of the door. An optional extra is Daytime Unlocking, which gives the homeowner the ability to temporarily switch off the automatic locking. “That is very useful if you are transporting a lot of items into or out of the house and don’t want to get shut out”, comments Subana.

Door hinges: two and three part models

Along with an extensive range of face-fixed door hinges, the Roto range includes a family of butt hinges that come in two and three part models.

“I am impressed by how these hinges are designed to be so easy to assemble and fit, and how good they look”, says Subana. “The way you can adjust them fully but nothing changes visually is very clever”. All of the Roto butt hinges have internal adjustment mechanisms that work without creating gaps or offsets between the hinge parts.

Sliding: Patio Inowa with MVS

“We know that Patio Inowa is highly secure because of the all-round locking”, says Subana. “What is also important to know is that it can be incorporated into a control and monitoring system. This could be in a smart home, or a public building”.

A range of VdS Class B compliant products is available specifically for Patio Inowa. The Roto MVS contact elements are designed to work in conjunction with a magnetic locking cam. “I also know that this is not easy to fit without training”, adds Subana. “But our Roto Campus trainers can assist in making sure your fabrication team has the knowledge”.

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