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The online hardware configurator Roto Con Orders is quite simply the most powerful software tool Roto has ever made available to clients.

The web-based application enables the user to create an accurate specification of hardware for any window or door sets within standard size ranges and then place an order for those components in the required quantities.

As well as formulating lists of component parts for a given size, opening type and security level of window or door, the system can also be used to export CAD drawings with details such as screw positions and cutting dimensions for croppable hardware components.

The latest version of Roto Con Orders is fully mobile compatible, so you can use it with ease on phones and tablets as well as laptops and PCs.

Your customised account is accessed via a secure password. You can use your account to store predefined templates for types of windows and doors you frequently make, with the profile specified.


Choose the product group

the entire Roto range is now covered, including windows, doors and sliding systems

Select a predefined template

for example a Tilt&Turn window with RC2 level security on a specific profile

Enter the sizes

rebate height and width dimensions

Alter any detailed settings

for example, adding TiltSafe function or a special restrictor

The system generates a complete parts list, including profile-related items such as strikers, along with a technical diagram. The parts are listed with descriptions, order codes and prices.

You can send this list directly to your dealer, or export it in a number of formats such as PDF or Excel.

It is also possible to personalise your account, for example to include your own part numbers or company logo.

If you are not already set up to use Roto Con Orders, please enquire with your Roto dealer or representative.

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