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Here is an idea that might connect with the imagination of your customers: marketing windows and their features as being designed for individual rooms within the home.

This approach is powerful because it looks at the products from the customer’s viewpoint and helps them to visualise themselves making full use of the windows, which in turn reinforces the benefits of your products.

Perhaps, after seeing what is possible, some customers might decide to pay more in order to get a premium version of a particular window. They might even be prompted to buy more windows than they were initially planning to purchase.

There are no rules here, so you could tailor your specifications towards the type of products you wish to sell, or the customers you want to reach. You might want to have some differently priced windows for the same type of room, with more expensive versions using electronic technology for example.

Here are some of the possible window types. You can probably think of a few more.

Bedroom Window – Here the emphasis might be on energy efficiency and allowing ventilation at night. Therefore this window could use concealed hardware, because it looks good from a design perspective and also has a completely unbroken weather seal. A night vent facility would be useful here.

Child’s Room Window – Similar to a bedroom window, but here the emphasis would be on safety and preventing children being able to fall from the window. Turn restrictors are one possibility. Another option is to have a tilt-first mechanism and fit the Roto Child Safety handle, which can allow the child to tilt the window open for ventilation but not access the full turn mode.

Bathroom Window – Sometimes bathroom windows are more difficult to reach, so one option might involve a low set handle for easier access. Another possibility is an electric drive unit. At the top of the range, a bathroom window could be fitted with a humidity sensor or connected to a timing device so that it automatically opens the window for a period, for example during or after a shower is used. For such windows you could promote the advantages of RotoSil Level 6 coating for long term corrosion resistance.

Living Room – People want to feel their living room is secure, so burglary resistance is a good selling point. Because homeowners also relax here, they might be prepared to pay a bit more to indulge themselves and enjoy the convenience of automated window operation, giving them the option to lie back on the sofa and tilt the window at the press of a button.

Emergency Escape Window – This could be an upstairs window located above a flat roof, ideal for escape in an emergency situation. To prevent burglars using the escape route as an access point, it could be fitted with a high level of security and a 100 Nm torque resistance handle to guard against external manipulation. If such a handle is fitted with a keyless push-button, it will still allow fast exit from inside.

Balcony Door – There are many ways to specify balcony doors. The Roto NX Tilt&Turn system makes it easy to produce secure double-sash arrangements, including units that are slim and tall. It is possible to have one of these sashes with a tilt function for ventilation. Concealed hinges from the Designo range help with aesthetics and all-round weather sealing. There are also low threshold options and accessories such as magnetic bullet catches.

Kitchen Window – There are many possible types of kitchen window. Some homeowners might appreciate the possibility to create a wide opening, especially in summer, in order to let out heat, steam and aromas. This may not be practical with an inward-opening window because the sash opens into the room. It can also be difficult to operate an open-out when located behind a sink. One possible solution is a Tilt&Slide arrangement using Patio Alversa. For a more expensive option, Patio Inowa makes a premium sliding window that is incredibly smooth and easy to operate.

Office Window – In a home office, frequent ventilation is important to prevent drowsiness. If the office is on the ground floor, PCs, laptops and other tech could be visible to thieves so an option such as TiltSafe to provide burglary resistance when tilted open, would be a reassurance. For colder months, a turn restrictor would be useful to allow significant air change over a short period.

Utility room – Ventilation is important in a room like this because it is used to dry clothes in the winter. In warmer weather there is a need to let out heat from tumble driers, freezers etc. Most utility rooms are on the ground floor, so security is also a consideration. Here, an option such as TiltSafe is an obvious choice.

We are sure there are other combinations of hardware systems and accessories that could be used to make specifications for these and other types of rooms. Can you think of any more? We would like to hear your ideas.


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