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A concealed hinge for aluminium doors, designed to make work easy for fabricators and installers, and which provides a lifetime of reliable operation for end users. No wonder so many of our customers are choosing to use Roto Solid C7.140 on their product ranges.

Every aspect of the hinge has been thought out from the viewpoint of the teams who are manufacturing the doors and fitting them on site. Using this approach, our design engineers have come up with a number of features to help fabricators and installers work more quickly and accurately.

More on those in a moment. First, you might be wondering what the codes in the name mean:

  • “C” is for concealed. The hinge is not visible at all on the frame or sash when the door is closed.
  • The digit “7” refers to the fact that the hinge provides permanent function according to class 7 of EN 1935.
  • The number “140” reflects the maximum sash load of 140 kg that the hinge can support.

Production advantages

Fabricators using the RotoSolid C7.140 appreciate the fact that the frame and sash components are sold in separate packaging. This is because it makes it easy to arrange for the sets to be fitted at different workstations.

The hinges are also universal in that they are suitable for left or right handed doors. This minimizes stockholding and reduces the chance of errors.

To help teams learn how to assemble and install the hinges correctly and efficiently, language-free instruction videos are available online. There are separate videos for the assembly process and the installation procedure. QR codes on the packaging provide a quick link to the videos, so workers can access them easily via a smartphone or tablet.

FixClick – for a correct fitting every time

One of the standout advantages of the hinge is called FixClick. This patented feature allows installers to hang a door quickly and safely. An audible click confirms that the hinge is connected correctly and ready for use.

An optional assembly aid set is also available. This includes an air cushion, which helps workers to lift the sash into place. There are also locking wedges to hold the hinge tabs in place so they do not move during the installation process, again making installation straightforward and as fast as possible.

The Roto Solid C7.140 is adjustable in three dimensions: for height ( -2 to +4 mm), lateral position (+/- 3 mm) and contact pressure (+/- 1.2 mm).

Tested for service life and security

The life cycle testing of the product has proven it to function normally after 400,000 cycles, way beyond normal requirements. The hinge is completely free of any maintenance requirements, including lubrication.

Although this hinge is very compact and completely concealed, it is still able to ensure a very high level of security. Door installations using it have been tested and shown to meet the requirements of EN Resistance Class 2.

In line with other products in the Roto range, the Solid C.140 hinge has been tested and certified to EN 1670 Class 5 for corrosion resistance.

Open-out version available

Roto Solid C7.140 not only covers every size of aluminium door within its 140 kg weight limit. There is also a special version suitable for use on doors built for an open-out configuration.

In all, we believe we are justified in our claim to have created the best such hinge on the market. Try it for yourself. Enquire with your Roto dealer, or talk directly to your Roto representative.

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