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Here is another of the many selling points of Roto NX tilt and turn hardware. A window made with this system can very easily be converted from a Turn-First to a Tilt-First mechanism by changing just two components.

“This is a useful tip for customers to know”, explains Chris Cauwenberghs, head of product adaptation and marketing for Roto Western Europe. “It is especially interesting for customers in regions where Turn-First is used. Maybe not so much in the UK and Ireland, where Tilt-First has been the standard for many years, but our customers there will be interested in the fact we have Tilt-First locking handles for child safety”.

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Why change to Tilt-First?

Depending on how the room is used, a Tilt-First configuration may be more suitable. This is especially useful in rooms where windows are frequently opened for ventilation, but where it is not desirable for every user to be able to access turn mode.

By fitting a Tilt-First locking handle onto a window with Tilt-First hardware, you can restrict access. This type of handle allows 90 degrees of movement to all users. On a Tilt-First window, this means anyone can move the handle to the tilt position. They cannot however move it further into turn mode.

To access the turn mode for cleaning or maintenance, the key is required.

Child safety

“You can see how this is very useful in rooms occupied by children, such as bedrooms at home or school windows”, says Chris. “It is also desirable for hotels, because it prevents abuse of windows and is safer. Handles have a common key, so it is easy to issue copies to maintenance staff. Each person can use their one key to access turn mode on every window in the building”.

Even on a ground floor, it can be desirable to have this restriction because opening the window in turn mode may be dangerous or obstructive. A Tilt-First mechanism with the special handle can therefore prevent people from leaving windows in this position for ventilation.

Simple conversion

A window fitted with Roto NX can be converted from Turn-First to Tilt-First by changing just two parts: the stay arm and the tilt striker. The change from a standard to Tilt-First locking handle is a straight switch, with the handles also looking visually identical.  “These parts are readily available in all markets and a qualified service engineer can make the change very quickly”, says Chris.

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