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The door testing facilities at our lock and hinge manufacturing plant have recently been expanded and are available to customers in the Western Europe region.

The Roto site at Kalsdorf, Austria is the largest and most versatile in the Roto Group. The site produces a number of different product groups, including all of the items in our door lock range.

What you might not know is that Kalsdorf is also the location of our International Technology Centre, which works exclusively on doors. This is the second Roto Group testing facility along with the Roto International Test Centre at our head office in Leinfelden, Germany.

ITC Kalsdorf has 27 test rigs and is capable of carrying out every type of functional and quality test applicable to doors, assessing the performance of locks and hinge sets.

Testing is available to customers making doors from PVC, timber, aluminium or composite materials.

The centre has just been expanded, with four new test rigs capable of carrying out durability tests in line with EN 1191, which requires the door to be subjected to 200,000 operating cycles. The Roto ITC is specially accredited to be able to carry out these tests.

Another new rig is designed for break-in procedures, and this is capable of performing burglary tests up to Resistance Class 4.

If you are a door manufacturer using Roto locks and hinges and you are working on a project that requires development testing for durability or break-in resistance, please get in touch with your local Roto representative. They will be able to explore the options for you to use this facility for your benefit.

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