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More and more fabricators of residential doors have been choosing Roto Solid B hinges since the launch of the current range. Two manufacturers have recently gone on record to praise the hinges and explain their reasons for choosing these Roto products.

Roto Solid B butt hinges are available to door manufacturers using PVC, timber or aluminium profiles with a 16mm Eurogroove.

Pleasing to the eye

A key benefit of Solid B is aesthetics: the adjustment mechanism is fully integrated inside the hinge, which means that the hinges always retain their slim, neat appearance. Your customers will always be pleased with how they look because there are no vertical offsets between the parts and no increase in the size of the gap between them, regardless of how much they are adjusted. All of these adjustments can be made using a 4mm hex key with the door mounted in place.

Easy to fabricate

The hinges are very easy for fabrication teams to process. No routing is required. You simply drill the holes using the dedicated Roto jig and screw the parts into place.


The range includes models that can support a door of 160 kg. Many different sizes of door can therefore be manufactured using the same product range, providing a common aesthetic even when different sized doors appear in the same building.

Positive feedback

No wonder so many fabricators who use this hinge are giving positive reviews. One example is Frederik Zink, managing partner of TH.ZINK GmbH, a window and door manufacturer in Bergen, Germany. “The Roto Solid B butt hinge is suitable for doors with panels which cover the leaf as well as for doors with recessed panels, making it incredibly versatile”, he says. “This is a huge benefit for us, as it reduces the variety of different versions we need to keep in storage and process in our logistics chain.

Mr Zink is also impressed by the aesthetics of the hinge, its versatility and ease of adjustment. “The slimline shape makes it an ideal fit for modern door designs”, he says. “It’s also good that Solid B is suitable for high loads. The door hinge can be adjusted using just one tool. This obviously saves us time during installation.”

Continuous improvements

The versatility of Solid B and emphasis on aesthetics have also impressed clients in the aluminium door sector. Wulfran Fuzeaux, one of the managing directors at manufacturer 2MA2P in the French city of Saint-Nazaire, commends Roto design engineers for continuing to look for improvements to products. “We were truly impressed by the large adjustment ranges and the slimline hinge design of Roto Solid B”, he says. “Both aspects have been noticeably improved compared to the previous model, ‘150 R’. The new butt hinge is an excellent fit for our premium aluminium doors, especially those with decorative glass panels.”

New cover cap

The Solid B range has recently been expanded with the addition of a new cover cap, designed for doors that have a fixed panel on the hinge side. You can use this new cover cap option to put the visual finishing touch to such a door because it ensures that the hinge mechanism is completely concealed from any viewing angle.


With the Roto Solid B “222 P” and “322 P” versions, you can make doors that conform to Resistance Class 2 of the EN norms. Testing in accordance with the Netherlands SKG** is currently in the preparation stage.


As you would expect with any Roto door product, Solid B hinges are tested in accordance with DIN EN 1935 and DIN EN 1191 and rated for 200,000 opening cycles. The hinges have corrosion resistance in accordance with DIN EN 1670 Class 5.

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