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Roto group revealed another record turnover figure for 2022 at our International Press Day. At this event, directors also reported that Roto Window & Door Technology is growing its share of many key markets worldwide. Why then are so many window and door manufacturers choosing the Roto brand –– and why should you consider doing the same in 2023?

To keep it short, here are just seven reasons that are likely to benefit you if you are making windows and doors for domestic or commercial customers, and whether you use PVC, aluminium or wood materials.

1. Delivery and logistics

During the pandemic, Roto outperformed the industry. In these challenging times, our management teams worked on a daily basis to plan and manage production to ensure we held buffer stocks that would keep our customers supplied with hardware and glazing accessories. The Roto logistics and delivery system makes use of the latest digital technology, including drones, robots and AI. We are the 21st century supplier you can rely on to meet the challenges of today’s world.

2. Training

Your team can work smarter and more efficiently thanks to the fabricator-friendly design of Roto products. To help them maximise these benefits, we provide expert training from our dedicated in-house specialists. Face-to-face sessions and live online training are consolidated by our flexible online e-learning programme, which helps your staff to improve their knowledge of Roto product groups and track their own progress.

3. Support

Whether you require support with technical specifications, test preparation or marketing, we can offer assistance from dedicated specialists in our team. Your local Roto contacts know the market in your own country and can call on support from colleagues across the group when needed. The Roto International Test Centre can also provide you with services to prove the performance of your windows before you enter accredited tests.

4. Smarter Sliding

In the area of sliding doors, if you want to keep up with the best and get well ahead of most of your competitors, you cannot get a better sliding system than Patio Inowa. The levels of wind resistance and air and water tightness mean you can install it anywhere and give your customers the very best in comfort, convenience and security.

Other systems in the Roto portfolio such as Patio Alversa and Patio Lift also offer advantages to you as a manufacturer and bring benefits to your end users.

5. Weatherseals and accessories

The Deventer weatherseal brand is now an established part of the Roto group, which means that you can get weatherseals and hardware systems designed to work together on your window profile, providing consistent sealing and a long service life. Other products we can supply include glazing packers, so your windows can have the assurance of premium quality in every aspect.

6. Door programme

Your doors will benefit from market-leading products such as the Roto Solid C concealed hinge for aluminium doors, along with our other premium hinges. The Roto Door product group also includes a full range of threshold systems, designed for accessibility and weather resistance. With Roto you get assurance all around the door.

7. Stability

Roto is a privately-owned company with a top credit rating and the group is continuing to grow and acquire businesses to expand its reach. The fact that Roto came through the pandemic period of 2020-21 with an increased turnover shows that this is a company that can manage crises and is an ideal long-term supplier partner for your business.

Those are just seven reasons to switch to Roto. There are many more. Find out how your business can benefit from a partnership with the world’s leading brand for window and door technology. Book a visit from your Roto representative now.

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