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Within the Roto Glas-Tec range of glazing accessories are some useful items of which not everyone is aware.

Our Diskoklick spacer plates are designed for compensating and aligning when fixing a window or door into an opening. The parts are designed to sit directly around the fixing screw, so they are in the ideal position to provide the correct gap and absorb the force from the fixing screws.

Installation clips

The pair of clips on each component are designed to prevent it falling off the fixing screw during installation. 

Assembly aid

Some versions have an additional assembly aid in the form of a short plastic arm protruding from the edge of the component. This allows the installer to reposition the part precisely before tightening the screw. The arm can then be broken off: it is designed with a weak point to allow this.

Quality materials

Just like other Roto Glas-Tec products, the spacer plates are made from high quality plastic material and tested to international standards for their material properties, including ability to resist high compressive loads at a range of temperatures from –30 to +90ºC.


The plates are available in a full range of thicknesses from 1mm up to 10mm. They are colour-coded in ten colours, with a different one for each thickness.

The overall sizes of the parts range from 30 x 40mm up to 52.5 x 65 mm, with some versions having sizes in between these.

All of the Diskoklick components can be purchased individually in standardised packaging quantities. A number of multi-part sets are also available. Each set contains a predetermined number of parts in a specific range of sizes and thicknesses. Full details can be found in the Glas-Tec catalogue.

As well as their intended use in the installation of windows and doors, there must be many other uses around the workshop or home for these convenient and precisely-sized components.


Get a copy of the catalogue for the Roto Glas-Tec range of glazing accessories here.

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