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If you have a particular technical requirement for a window or door and standard Roto hardware cannot quite provide what your client is asking for, it is worth consulting with us because we may be able to help.

In some cases, our technicians can advise a special specification with full Roto warranty under the terms of an exceptional release.

PVC & Timber

This is something we do frequently for clients using aluminium systems. You have probably seen us publicising the work of our project engineers on architectural projects such as commercial buildings. Special specifications are also available for fabricators of PVC and timber.

Although the hardware for these materials is not as adaptable as the aluminium systems, we have nevertheless issued many exceptional release specifications. Therefore if your project is on PVC or timber, our technical team might still be able to assist.

Fully documented

An exceptional release is fully documented, so you have the assurance of an official Roto specification and product warranty. Such specifications are issued on a project-by-project basis. They are always for a set number of windows in a particular location.

Our engineers will want to know everything about the window or door and its intended use. This includes dimensions and weights as well as other variables such as the profile and glazing. All of these things will be defined in the terms of the exceptional release.


Examples of projects where exceptional releases have been granted include windows that are oversized in one or more dimensions.

Others include projects where the specification demanded that a window be guaranteed for a greater number of operating cycles than the figures in our standard specification. In these cases, solutions have included the use of load transfer devices to take the load off hinges at lower sash weights than usual.

Sliding systems

Some of the exceptional releases for sliding systems have included an inline arrangement on which locking parts from another system have been used to help lock two opposing sashes together very securely.

In another case, a sliding sash has been specified wider than normally possible with the caveat that the PVC profile used must be white and not any other colour. This is because the dyes used in coloured PVC can affect its material strength and rigidity.

That last example shows just how precise these specifications have to be and why they are always made on a case-by-case basis.


On doors, we can provide specifications for additional locking devices above the main lock or even around to the hinge side for requirements such as high security or flood-resistance.

Door locks are an example of how sometimes these exceptional specifications have ended up becoming part of our standard range of applications. This has happened with the Door Safe H650 lock, which is now designed to be directly compatible with corner drives from the tilt and turn programme in order to suit requirements in certain markets.

If you have a requirement where an exceptional release would be the only possible solution, the first step is to contact your Roto representative. They can handle the enquiry for you and co-ordinate the assessment and response from our technicians.

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