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Last month, Roto returned to Fensterbau Frontale for the first time since the pandemic. The eye-catching ‘Roto City’ stand was designed to show how Roto products provide functionality and end user benefits to different variations of windows and doors, illustrating how these models work in specific building types such as homes, hotels and apartments.

The event has already been declared a success at group level, with the total number of registered customer enquiries over all four days being 6.6% higher than in 2018. Roto’s appeal across the window and door sector is reflected in the interests of the many hundreds of daily stand visitors: for every ten customers who said they were primarily interested in tilt and turn window systems, there were nine who were interested in sliding systems and another nine interested in door products. This shows how Roto is now seen as a premium supplier of technology for all window and door types.

To get a Western Europe perspective, at the end of the four days Roto More spoke briefly to Vesa Nenye, Gerry Claassens and Søren Milter Neilsen, who have responsibility for sales in the UK & Ireland, Benelux and Scandinavia respectively. Recently-appointed head of Roto Benelux, Chris Cauwenberghs was also in attendance at Fensterbau and we asked for his impressions too.

  • How was Fensterbau for you?

Vesa: “It was unbelievably busy! I think I lost my voice completely by the third morning. Our stand was so popular I did not really have time to wander around and take in the show at large”.

Søren: “I had high hopes for Fensterbau 2024, and from a Scandinavian viewpoint it met these expectations. I had lots of positive conversations around the new products shown on the Roto stand”.

Gerry: “It was once more a great occasion to see our customers and potential customers. There was a continuous flow of visitors over four very active days. The positive reactions of the customers to what we have to show them is what gives us the energy to keep going”.

Chris: “As the fair went on, we had the feeling that there were more visitors from the Western Europe area on the stand than before. Now we have seen the statistics from the registered stand visitors and they confirm this to be the case: 20% more visitors from our region than last time. More importantly, I had the feeling that the level of interest from these customers was stronger than ever before”.

  • What items on the Roto stand were particularly interesting for your local market and customers?

 Vesa: “The UK customers loved the versatility of our products. Of particular interest has been the NX C hinge, which allows customers to make not only bigger and heavier windows, but also smaller and narrower sizes too. They can also use this system to make balcony doors. We also have a comfort version with a fully handle-driven tilt facility, and even open-out solutions. This ticks all the boxes in terms of meeting building designs, covering different window types and meeting accessibility requirements such as Lifetime Homes”.

The new Tandeo lock and the French door variant have been popular. I would say Inowa MAX with its large sizes, super smooth operation and 400kg was definitely the show stopper that everybody wanted. Especially when they realise the full range of applications, such as how it can be used for sliding windows too.

Søren: “The Scandinavian customers showed particular interest in three product areas: Patio Inowa MAX, Roto NX C and Deventer weatherseals.

Patio Inowa MAX attracted a lot of attention because it now covers the same weights and dimensions as a Lift and Slide system, but with a better performance giving super wind and water tightness. They really liked the SoftClose and SoftStop features for handling convenience.

Roto NX C hinge, our new generation Roto concealed hinge system for tilt and tun systems, can also be used as a side hung hinge for outward opening systems. This has big potential in Scandinavia.

Deventer products have become very important because we are experiencing more and more interest from customers to have Roto as a “one stop supplier” with a high delivery performance for hardware and TPE weatherseals. They see we are able to supply top quality, reliable products that meet sustainability and design requirements and provide full technical support”.

Gerry: “Interest from Benelux has been across the complete portfolio of solutions. In tilt and turn, NX C has been very well received. It shows how big differences can be made with small refinements to a product, giving customers more options and opening up their possibilities.

For some time we have promoted Patio Inowa’s maximum load of 400 kg, but this was the first time we have shown Inowa MAX on a trade fair. It gives people a chance to experience it and be convinced. If they have any doubts, they vanish as soon as they try it. Customers have been really impressed by how smoothly it operates and runs with a 400 kg sash. We are now sure we will see increased sales”.

In doors, the new Tandeo lock on a double-leaf door with a lever-operated espagnolette gained interest as a neat solution for double doors. Tandeo has generally been very well received, and customers appreciate the modular concept with standard frame components for all Tandeo and Eneo A locks. You can now have more solutions from fewer parts.”

Chris: “Another popular product range is the Solid B range of butt hinges, which offers a complete family of hinges and covers all materials. Here we could show people that the hinges always look the same at any degree of adjustment. There are no gaps and no offset between the parts: they are all in the same vertical line however much you adjust them”.

  • Can you think of any particular feedback stand visitors gave to you or your team?

Vesa: “Roto continues to impress and offer a comprehensive hardware package for all customers. People say how they appreciate being able to see all the solutions in one place. Even the most die-hard Roto followers found a lot of new items and details to get excited about”.

Søren: “The Scandinavian customers were very happy to meet up with the Roto team at Fensterbau for the first time in six years. It’s easier to do a technical presentation, for example with something like Patio Inowa MAX. Clients can see it up close and feel exactly how it operates. This is one of the products on which I got the most positive comments”.

Gerry: “Visitors were impressed by the size of the stand and the concept of bringing Roto City to life. They also commented on how we have such a wide range of solutions and that we  cover all frame materials. We really have a lot to offer any manufacturer of windows and doors”.

Chris: “Everyone did a great job. The Roto team is well-prepared and trained in every aspect to ensure customers get a complete journey from the moment they are greeted. Our people are very professional in guiding clients around the Roto City and arranging follow up visits. I think anyone who booked a tour of the stand will have gone away impressed. I also want to take this chance to thank the fair organisers and the Roto Campus team who worked hard in the background helping to make this possible”.

  • Do you have a message for readers in your region?

Vesa: “Every single customer who visited our stand said the whole show had definitely been worth it, and if anything they want to book their hotels straight away for 2 years’ time. I recommend to everybody that they do the same”.

Søren: “Please reach out to us at Roto Scandinavia because we are ready to discuss and help move your hardware and TPE seal projects forward together”.

Gerry: “We are grateful to everyone who visited us and we are looking forward to working together in the future. For anyone who missed the show, or did not get as much time with us as they would have liked, the virtual Roto City is online and it now contains all the products we showed at Fensterbau. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we will arrange a virtual tour for you and your colleagues. Even if you already had the full stand tour you are welcome to have a Roto City online meeting too”.

Chris: “The success of the fair shows that, in a digital world, face-to-face contact is still important and valued by all. We have customers who take a lot of time out of their schedule, travel long distances to Nuremberg and spend a lot of time with us on the stand and at our Roto Evenings, so we thank them and look forward to continue being a strong partner for all, with quality products, efficient logistics and a focus on giving you the solutions you need to remain competitive”.

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