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Roto Tandeo and Eneo door locks already provide you with many selling points to offer your customers. Significantly, both the manually operated and electromechanical versions have the benefit of automatic locking upon closure, keeping homes secure at all times of the day.

Now, with the introduction of a new package, you have more flexibility in your stockholding options. The Tandeo Upgrade-Kit allows you to convert a manually operated Tandeo lock to an electromechanical version with the benefit of keyless opening.

Depending on the quantity of each type of door you produce (manually operated or electromechanical) and the levels of stock you want to hold, you can choose to either stock the dedicated, preassembled Roto Safe E | Eneo A electromechanical lock alongside the Roto Safe A | Tandeo manual lock, or choose to hold the manual model only and keep stocks of the new Tandeo Upgrade-Kit. This way, you can use the kit to convert a standard lock to electromechanical operation when you have an order for a door with this technology.

The Tandeo Upgrade-Kit is incredibly easy to install. You simply connect the electromechanical drive unit to the back of the faceplate of the existing Tandeo lock. Electronic connections are Plug&Play, just as with the Eneo door lock.

On installation, you can get the lock to automatically adjust itself. When you press the concealed button behind the faceplate on the drive unit, it performs a calibration test run in order to check which settings it needs to apply in order to be compatible with the mechanics of the existing lock. The powerful motor will use only the minimum amount of torque required to operate the lock and do so smoothly and quietly.

Watch the installation video here:

You also have the option of installing the Roto “4in1” access control system, allowing users to open the door remotely. Options for this include PIN code, finger scan, mobile phone with Bluetooth or an RFID-capable medium. Alternatively, the Tandeo Upgrade-Kit is available in a version with an integrated radio receiver for opening the door using a dedicated key fob transmitter.

Ask your Roto representative for a demonstration of the Tandeo Upgrade-Kit.


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