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      • Western Europe customer service staff combined into one integrated team
      • Hub will serve all clients in Benelux, UK, Ireland and Scandinavia
      • Paul Tracey will lead team

Our customer service staff in Roto Western Europe are combining together to work as an integrated Customer Service Hub. The team members remain the same but will now be collaborating more closely in order to direct resources as efficiently as possible.

Paul Tracey, who has 34 years service with Roto working in internal sales, customer service and logistics planning, will head up the new team.

Paul Tracey

“Up to now, our customer service has always been country-specific. With today’s technology, pooling everyone together as one team makes a lot of sense’, Paul explains. “With our electronic ticketing system, we have a central data point for all customer enquiries, and from this we can allocate work in the most appropriate way, maximising our efficiency and speed of response”.

As team leader, Paul will be overseeing the work the hub does in responding to clients across all countries. “My objective is to make sure we streamline the service as much as possible”.

Daz, Lise and Sandra will be the main contacts for clients. “All three have a really helpful, friendly approach and are knowledgeable and experienced”, says Paul. “Customers who are not yet acquainted with all of the team will soon get to know them”.

Lise Czerwonka

Sandra Knops

Daz Binning

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