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Roto Marketing is interested in making some new videos of customer projects for mutual promotional benefit.
This would be particularly interesting if you have supplied projects on which Roto Door or Patio systems have been used.

Maybe you have provided the doors or sliding units for a prestigious development in terms of architectural design. It would be interesting if the Roto hardware helped you to overcome a challenge or meet a customer requirement such as size and weight, functionality, accessibility, energy efficiency etc.

Obviously, we would want to make a version of the video from a Roto marketing point of view, with a focus on the hardware and the solutions it provides. But you could also use the footage for your own promotional purposes, maybe with a different edit or alternative voiceover.

We hope this could help you save some of the costs and time associated with making these videos, and that it will provide you with material for your own PR, website and social media, as well as ours. In other words, a win for both parties.

Do you have a project like this already, or is one coming up? Get in touch now and let Roto do the work for you.

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