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Fabricators using aluminium profiles with a 16mm hardware groove can now make full use of the Roto NX system with the launch of new components designed specifically for aluminium.

Roto NX | A16 includes rebate corner hinges, stay arms and sash stays suitable for surface mounting on aluminium profiles. In this article, we look at some of the main features and benefits.

Market-leading performance figures

Roto NX | A16 has achieved Enduring Performance Class H3 in tests conducted by IFT Rosenheim. Roto is not aware of another aluminium fitting system that has been certified to this level. The maximum sash weight of 150 kg is also unmatched within the industry to our knowledge. We also offer a very competitive range of rebate widths and heights, especially when you consider both the minimum and maximum sizes that are possible. You therefore gain both a very high level of flexibility and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your hardware is certified for a market-leading performance.

Roto NX – for all profiles

Window manufacturers processing all three of the main profile materials –– wood, PVC and aluminium –– can now use Roto NX across their entire window product range. Your finished windows benefit from a unified visual look and common functionality. It also reduces the complexity of your ordering, logistics and stock holding, because many of the same components are shared across all three profiles.

Shared parts for simplicity

Roto NX | A16 uses the existing frame parts for Roto NT Alu 16mm, further simplifying the changeover. The drilling positions for the stay bearings and pivot rests up to 130 kg sash load are also the same as for Roto NT Alu 16mm.

Construct larger, heavier windows

The maximum permissible sash weight of 150 kg allows you to make windows with thicker glass for soundproofing or high levels of thermal performance. Design freedom is also increased, allowing the specification of very large windows. This has obvious benefits such as improved levels of natural light within the building (also saving on lighting costs) and bigger, better views outside.

Taller sash heights

The maximum sash height increases from 2400 mm to 2800 mm. Along with the maximum weight of 150 kg, building designers now have the freedom to include very tall sashes in their designs – and you can easily supply such windows, safe in the knowledge that the specification is within the standard parameters defined by the hardware manufacturer.

In many cases, you will not need to obtain a special release for a tall window specification because the standard hardware manual already allows that size to be covered by Roto’s warranty.

Full range of opening types

With Roto NX | A16, you can make the following opening types:

Single sash windows:

  • Tilt&Turn (Tilt-First)
  • Tilt&Turn (Turn-First)
  • Turn-Only
  • Tilt-Only

Double sash windows:

  • Turn-Only next to Tilt&Turn
  • Turn-Only next to Turn-Only

The possible sash configurations are therefore in line with those for PVC and timber. Roto NX is the complete hardware system for all three main window materials.

Special shapes

The new rebate corner hinge also allows special shapes such as arched and pitched window sashes to be constructed. This again brings the Roto NX range for aluminium into line with what is possible on the other window materials.

Increased longevity

An example of how Roto engineers keep working to make continuous improvements can be found in the rebate corner hinge. The inside of this component now contains a bearing bush, which dramatically reduces the amount of friction between the hinge and pivot rest. This means less wear and abrasion, and consequently a longer lifetime for the finished window, even at high sash loadings.

Attention to details

Our engineers have even considered precise aesthetic details and made fractional improvements. For example, they have made sure the cover caps for the hinge and rebate corner are of a uniform length. This helps give the impression of a more harmonious design when the window is viewed from a distance.

Another refinement is the optimised design of the cover caps. The new hinge and pivot rest are designed to provide a wider clearance. This, combined with a new cover cap design, has reduced the chances of abrasion marks appearing on the cover caps over time. This is another way to ensure windows maintain a premium look over a lifetime of operation.

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