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Power Hinge for timber windows

If you are making windows and window-doors from wood frame materials, you will want to be aware of the large size and weight capabilities of the Roto NX Power Hinge.

This high-loading capability hinge side is designed for profiles made from pure wood and also those with aluminium cladding.

Large sizes

With Roto NX Power Hinge, you can make a Tilt&Turn window of up to 200 kg. If you restrict operation to Turn-Only, you can go even heavier: up to 300 kg. The maximum rebate height of 3000 mm makes Power Hinge a perfect option for ceiling-height units.

In addition, the maximum rebate width is 1600 mm, making this suitable for many architectural applications.


On a Tilt&Turn sash, the tilt depth (amount of opening) is restricted to 80mm. This is to ensure that the sash can be closed without becoming unwieldy. To prevent unwanted closing of the sash due to wind conditions, an anti-slam device is available and this can be retrofitted to existing units. Roto supplies a drilling jig to facilitate the installation.

Burglar resistance

Where break-in resistance is a requirement, you can make a window with Power Hinge to a specification that includes mushroom-headed P and V cams. Depending on the profile and design of the window, this can be part of a specification to meet industry standards for burglar resistance.

Tested and proven

Roto NX Power Hinge is tested and certified in accordance with EN 13126-8, and meets the durability class H3 (20,000 cycles).

For more information and a demonstration of Power Hinge, please contact your Roto representative.

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