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Further improve the security of your doors when using Roto Solid B hinges by adding a new optional accessory: the Solid B security set. The set allows you to mount on the edge of the sash a security pin that engages with a receiver on the frame when the door is closed. This provides additional protection against the manipulation of the door, further safeguarding it against attempts to lift the door or prise it open with crowbars. To reinforce a door fully, you should use a security set alongside each individual hinge.

Chris Cauwenberghs, responsible for product range and marketing in Western Europe says, “Since we launched the Solid B hinges, we have had a lot of positive feedback from fabricators, both in our region and from other Roto international sales areas. Roto Solid B really is becoming the industry “go to” option when you need a butt type hinge.

“When our engineers designed this hinge, we spent a lot of time talking to fabricators about what they most required, both from their manufacturing viewpoint and for their end customers”, he explains.

 “The result is a range of hinges that are straightforward to fabricate and which offer a lot of selling points. Some of the advantages are easy adjustment, constant appearance, high load bearing, slimline design and a range of colours. With this new security set, you have another option that will impress prospective customers and help doors to pass burglary tests. You can choose to make this a standard part of your doors, or offer it to customers as an additional security feature.”

The Roto Solid B security set is suitable for use with the 218 P, 318 P, 222 P and 322 P version of the Solid B hinge. The 222 P and 322 P versions have been successfully tested with the security set on doors that meet the requirements of EN Resistance Class 2 (RC2).

The security set is made up of four parts:

  • Hinge security pin
  • Fixing plate for sash
  • Counter plate for frame
  • Internal cover for frame milling

The location of the hinge pin depends upon the variant of hinge being used. For those versions where the sash part of the hinge is screwed into the edge of the sash overlap, the safety pin can be located in line with the middle of the hinge sash part. If using the rebate screwed version on which the sash part connects into the Eurogroove, the security pin needs to be mounted higher up, above the Eurogroove adapter.

For more information on the new security set, download the product information. Further reading:

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