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Interested in a new challenge? Then this could be for you.

Because we are looking for sales persons to strengthen our Western Europe team based in Belgium. Who have some level of technical ability. And most of all, the ability to work well with people.

We know – you want a competitive salary with all the benefits. Don’t worry. We can offer all that.

The question is, what can you offer us?

  • Can you wake up in the morning and motivate yourself to make things happen?
  • Are you able to work alone – and also in collaboration?
  • Can you find new sales opportunities?
  • Are you good at staying in touch with people?
  • Do you have a sense of humour?

You will need all these qualities and more to fit in at Roto Western Europe.

In the last few days, how often have you opened a door or window? Regardless of the global situation, everyone still needs to secure their homes, let in light and air, and keep out wind and rain. Our hardware mechanisms make windows and doors work.

In the current market, companies need reliable, high quality suppliers they can depend on. This is why Roto is doing so well –– and why you now have an opportunity to apply to join the Roto Western Europe team.

These positions are for Technical Sales for the Benelux region one person for East and West Flanders.

You will be representing the very best Window & Door Technology in the world – this includes market-leading locking and operating systems, plus accessories and services that make the job of window manufacturers easier.

You will need a technical aptitude to learn about the wide range of Roto products, how they work, the advantages they offer manufacturers and the benefits they bring to end users.

The role involves maintaining Roto’s relationship with our distribution partners and manufacturers. You will also work on projects with profile companies, building specifiers, industry associations, local authorities and any other organisations involved in the specification of windows.

Most importantly, you will need a commercial instinct and ability to bring new customers on board. This will involve face-to-face, telephone and online connections with prospects.
Internal communication and market feedback is of huge importance for us, so your skills will need to include the ability to provide high quality reporting.
This is a chance to become part of a friendly, welcoming and achieving team. You will make fantastic new colleagues from all the countries of Benelux, UK and Scandinavia and also from further afield in the Roto Group.

But first, you need to tell us why you’ve got what it takes –– your skills and experience, your achievements. Show us you have the enthusiasm to work with the very best.