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The Plus Point River Event 2023 took place in September. Roto was one of the exhibitors at the “floating construction expo” aboard the Blue Rhapsody river cruiser. The ship stopped in six cities in Belgium and the Netherlands and in each port a one-day expo was held aboard the vessel.

The event is designed as an easy way for architects in each city to be able to see a number of supplier companies in one day at an attractive and distinctive event. Delegates praised the organisation, accessibility and ease of parking. The excellent catering also got mentioned by many visitors who were asked for their views.

A total of 1,571 architects visited the event over the three days at which Roto was present in Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp. “We have had a very positive number of direct contact requests registered for Roto”, reports Chris Cauwenberghs, who led the Roto marketing team at the event.

“The main product of interest has been Patio Inowa, which is not surprising because it solves many requirements for architects, helping them achieve sliding door sets in large sizes and with high levels of weatherproofing and security”.

“Wind resistance and water tightness are usually an issue with large sliding doors”, he continues. “The delegates we spoke to were very interested to hear how Patio Inowa provides such impressive levels of performance in these areas, and how it is all made possible by our patented system”.

“We have sent an info pack to all of the architects who registered their interest in Roto. This gives them product brochures and pre-scripted texts for specification manuals, along with an overview of compatible profile systems”.

The marketing team will be following up to see how much Patio Inowa gets specified by architects over the months ahead.
Roto continues to engage with architects in collaboration with the Plus Point agency. To read more about this, click here.

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